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Do Not drive and park in the park, photo gallery

It's not safe for our children playing there, advises retired Clinton City Council Member Shirley Jenkins


If you want to be a “hard head” and park your car INSIDE the Shirley Jenkins Park, expect a ticket.

Retired council member Shirley Jenkins issued the warning - and made a request for everyone to keep the park named in her honor clean - during a dedication ceremony Thursday, at the former Oak Street Park.

“I’m too old to pick up trash, and I am not going to pick up trash,” said Jenkins, who is such a public servant that you know if she walked by a piece of trash in the park with her name, you just know she would pick it up, with a few choice words in her mind for the person who put it there.

“I am so grateful and thank you (the City of Clinton). You are giving me my flowers today; we often forget to thank people for the things that they do from the bottom of our heart. I love the City of Clinton. I love this park. My children played in this park many years ago, but then it was not a nice park like it is now. They had the sliding board that was all metal, and they couldn’t slide down because it was too hot. Now, we have a playground for our children and our park. I want the community to use this park. I want you to be safe and look out for our children.”

Jenkins received from State Rep. Doug Gilliam a certificate of authenticity and an American Flag that has flown atop the Statehouse.

Mayor Randy Randall said the council agreed a year ago to rename Oak Street Park, the Shirley Jenkins Park; but it took until May 16 to arrange the ceremony. “You know, Shirley’s kind of busy,” said Randall, who serve with Jenkins from 1996 to 2013.

She was the Ward 4 representative for nearly 30 years, 1994-2023.    

Randall said, “It’s such a pleasure to finally dedicate this park and name it the Shirley Jenkins park. It’s a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary member of Clinton city council. … I can say we are proud to do this, and we can get it done today. We’re happy to be here.”

The mayor brought to the dedication audience information about Jenkins’ continuing efforts to stay up on municipal issues and to make contacts on Clinton’s behalf throughout the state. “She took advantage of every opportunity to become a leader throughout the state. Always a team player, working toward our team goals, and was a real champion of Clinton. She represented us well locally, regionally, and statewide, always positive and always promoting our city.”

Randall said he would be remiss if he did not recognize Shirley’s husband, Jimmy. “He’s been a part of everything we have done. I’m proud to call Jimmy Jenkins my friend after all the years we’ve done this.”

 To Shirley Jenkins, he said, “You will always be rightly recognized for your contributions to the city of Clinton and to making our quality of life better.”

To commemorate the recreation area’s dedication, the Jenkins family and friends unveiled the green sign that designates Shirley Jenkins Park, and participated in the traditional, local celebration and commemoration activity - a Laurens County Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting.

Shirley Jenkins responds to City of Clinton Facebook post about the park dedication:

Shirley Jenkins

The dedication today was beautiful! A special thanks to Mayor Randy Randall, city council members, Mr. Thomas Brooks, city staff, Rev Anthony Sims, House Representative, Doug Gilliam, Senator Danny Verdin, Laurens City Councilwoman Marion Miller, county council members, US Marshall Christy Latimore, Laurens County Chamber staff, Clinton Chronicle, Laurens Advertiser, all pastors, the community guys and all in attendance for sharing this beautiful occasion with me and my family! To God be the Glory and I am thankful!