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What you will find in Wednesday's Clinton Chronicle

The story of community progress is told through the greatest resource, Our People


Laurens County’s Progress, told through the stories of its most valuable resource, its people, is told this WEDNESDAY in The Clinton Chronicle.

Our progress edition, Horizons, portrays communities on the move, although not through new water tanks or new fire trucks. While these are vitally important, of course, we measure progress in the great things that our people are doing for each other. These are measured in people dedicated to community service, people taking on new roles and responsibilities, people sometimes stepping out of their comfort zones.

Laurens County is growing, of that there can be no doubt. One item in this year’s Horizons shows the residential housing developments authorized by the County Planning Commission. These bring in more taxes but, also, calls for more services. The 32-page, advertising partners-supported section in this, your newspaper, outlines some of that growth.

Speaking of progress, check out Holmes Commons and Laurens Y’s new child development center on our Facebook page. Also, we have added 5 pages to the regular paper - for people-features - and you will notice scattered throughout are spaces donated by us for community groups to promote some of their upcoming events. Because, in our mind, if you don’t know about events, you are less likely to participate - and a community that participates together, stays together.

So, our bottom line message, enjoy reading about your neighbors and, please, patronize our ad-partners. And, get out, get involved, and enjoy the county we are proud to call home.