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Vic's View: Special Sections look super on this site

This is every journalist's dream


I am absolutely thrilled by a new addition to our website.

Truth is, it’s always been there, from the time that we contracted with a new designer and gave it a fresh look. This is our site:

(where you are now)

It also is accessible through the South Carolina Press Association website. They have a Newspapers section, clicking on that will show you the websites of Daily and Weekly newspapers around our truly diverse, news-content state. My go-tos are Post & Courier, The State, and The Index-Journal. I click them every day, sometimes multiple times per day.

When you click on our website, you will see a bar of “top stories” - sometimes breaking news, sometimes meetings, sometimes just interesting stuff. It is one of my jobs to keep it updated and fresh. Sometimes I miss (a couple arrested in Cross Hill in connection with the Berkeley County homicide) and I try not to stray too far from home, although some cool stories actually are outside of Clinton (believe it or not).

If you keep scrolling you will see news and sports, and then crime and opinion - a link to our Facebook page - then Special Sections.

Here, for the longest time, we had some old sections, brought over when we changed website formats. Those have been updated (the next place we have to work on is Video, those posted there are old, and we have some decisions to make about their updating and placement).

What excites me is the way our newest Special Sections look. The most recent has its cover above - a Winter Sports section that highlights a lot of the competition of this winter and tells how there is still time after its publication date (Jan. 17) to catch some basketball and wrestling in and around Clinton. The colors on these PDFs really pop and, to me, it is easily scrollable -- NOTE: It was published before the Clinton Red Devils boys' and girls' BOTH basketball teams won the Region Championship, in wins over Woodruff. Congratulations!!!

The other section there is last football season’s 100th Anniversary of Clinton High Football - a rich history that was highlighted through the work of many people connected to the Red Devils. I was just along for the ride - The Chronicler, if you will.

Many thanks to Buddy Bridges for the idea to publish this section AFTER, not before, the celebration. Originally, the idea was “before” to encourage attendance, but we and others encouraged that in different ways. My work, and the awesome photography of Fletcher Pruitt Jr., made that special day - and that special heritage - come to life.

This is what a Newsman lives for - to see his or her work on display, where it is easily accessible. We will never not be a newspaper, our web is content-extra. It’s just so cool when that content looks so darn good.   

Vic MacDonald is Editor of The Clinton Chronicle. In June, 2025, he will observe his 50th year in community journalism. Reach him at 864-833-1900 or