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The Music Man

Letters to the Editor: PC Bands & A Community Need


The editor,

We have a bona fide Music Man in our midst, Dr. Giovani Briguente.  Sort of like Mary Poppins, he dropped out of the blue in 2021 not as a nanny but as a new faculty member in the music department at Presbyterian College.

As a freshly minted PHD from the University of Michigan his first job as Dr. Briguente was to rebuild a band at PC.  With enthusiasm and enthusiasm he met the challenge, welcoming   anyone;  students and faculty, folks in town, young or old to join his fun, increase his or her skill, while learning a lot about music new and old.

This past week the Presbyterian College Wind Ensemble & Chamber Winds gave its final concert  of this school year.  The stage of Belk Auditorium was filled with instrumentalist offering a demanding program demonstrating growth in talent and participation. It is good to see the increasing audiences responding to Giovani’s magic as well. He has made great strides in 3 years. More and more of us are eagerly awaiting next year.

Ann Cornelson,


The editor,

Why doesn’t the City of Clinton have someone to pick up dead animals off city property? A dog got hit at El-Cheap-O’s a few weeks ago on West Carolina Ave. I watched a policeman pick the dog up and move him out of the road onto the grass almost 15 steps from the sidewalk. The vultures swarmed the area for many days. My daughter is an animal lover and would detour different ways to get home after work to keep from seeing this. The children had to witness this, too. I think this matter should be looked into. The same two weeks ago on West Main Street. The vultures swarmed again.

Thank you,

Russell Eaton,