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Take a Springtime Trip to Greenville

The wonderful springtime attractions of Greenville draw people to our area from around the region, and from around the country.


The City of Greenville and the Greenville area is a wonderful place to spend the spring months. It has plenty of things to do and places to see. You could take part in many activities in Greenville during the spring months to stay cool during the grand days of spring. The wonderful springtime attractions of Greenville draws people to our area from around the region, and from around the country. There are Five activities around town my family and friends used to do growing up in Greenville during springtime, and these attractions I still enjoy to this day. These attractions include the Greenville Zoo, Greenville County water parks, the Greenville County Aquatic center, Cherrydale and Regal Hollywood cinemas, and walking around Downtown Greenville. The People of Laurens County and Clinton, make sure you visit my Hometown city of Greenville soon during the spring months. 

The Greenville Zoo, located at the City park called Cleveland Park at 150 Cleveland Park drive in Greenville, is a wonderful attraction indeed. The Lions, tigers, elephants, and rhinos at the Greenville Zoo are exciting to see. I noticed at the Greenville Zoo there are different animals from around the world, and near the exit at the lower level there are a farm animals petting zoo. The Greenville Zoo is a wonderful place to spend time with your girlfriend and friends and family. 

The three water parks of Greenville County are truly out of this world. It is a great place to take the kids of your family, and these water parks are for adults too. In the recent past I got a chance to go to two of the three water parks; the Discovery Island park at 417 Baldwin Road at Southside park in Simpsonville, and also the 7th Inning Splash park at 1500 Piedmont Hwy (Highway 20) in Piedmont. This springtime and summer I would also love to go to the third water park in Greenville county, which is called Otter Creek park. This one is located at 101 West Darby Road in Greenville. These three water parks is something interesting to check out during springtime in Greenville.

The Greenville County Aquatic complex located at 2700 West Blue Ridge drive in Greenville is an experience beyond itself. It is located at Westside park in the Berea area near White Horse road. The amenities at the Greenville County Aquatic Center include at 50 meter pool, kids area, concessions stand, swimming classes, and more. This springtime and of course  summer attraction has been around a long time. I used to hang out there during springtime and summers in high school with  friends, and I still get a chance to from to time.

Movies is another pastime my friends and family has spent time going to during the springtime in Greenville. The movies theaters Regal Hollywood at 1029 Woodruff road and Regal Cherrydale at 3221 North Pleasantburg are off the chain! It feels wonderful to go inside a movie theater when it's very hot outside, and to be comforted by hot butter popcorn and a cold Pepsi cola drink in a cold theater building. You won't be alone in this planet after you are comforted by that cool air conditioning, which could make you spoiled! My friends, brother, and nephews used to spend time at these two movie theaters in Greenville during the warm days of springtime and summer.

Downtown Greenville is also a fifth wonderful spring attraction as well. Walking through downtown Greenville is a wonderful experience, especially when you walk though Liberty Bridge at Falls Park and near the Ready River when you go to the other side of downtown Greenville! You could also take a horse drawn carriage ride with your wife in Downtown Greenville during the summertime. Eating out at Downtown Greenville is also a dream, and they have some exceptional dining establishments in the downtown area. I have eaten at Trio, Carolina Ale House, and Cantina 76. And the pizzeria Antoninos Bertrolos is even my most favorite restaurant in Greenville.

Spending time with your family and friends in Greenville during springtime is well worth it. There are many things to do and see in Greenville during the cool days of spring. And these places draws people to our City during spring from around the region and even from around the country. 


Steven Hawkins is a Freelance writer from Greenville SC.