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Spirit of 56: Band Director saves a student's life

School Board recognizes people and groups that exhibit outstanding spirit


These awards were presented Monday night at the School District 56 Board of Trustees August meeting:

Spirit of 56

James Prather-CHS, the Band director, for saving a student this summer with his quick response in providing the Heimlich maneuver on a student who was choking.

James Davis, Paul Bell, Landon Allison, and Jarod Price (Resource Electric) were recognized for their efforts, along with District 56 employees Lee Templeton, Danny Webb, and Mark Young, to repair the AC unit at Eastside Elementary after hours so we did not have to close the school. Our board chair, Jim Barton, was also recognized for assisting in this project.

SCSBA Boardmanship Institute Awards

Three of our board members were recognized for their continuing education through different conferences and training throughout the year. These members are Teresa Corley, Charlie Stinson, and Kim Williams-Carter.

Attendance Initiative Appreciation Awards

Attendance is one of Dr. O'Shields initiatives this year. The following people were recognized for their efforts to help at their respective schools with attendance issues.

Johna Finley and Anna Word-M.S. Bailey

Arneice Renwick and Ashley Kinard-Joanna Woodson Elementary

Tanya Wilson and Abby Jaeger-Eastside Elementary

Melodie Edwards and Betsy Ballew-Clinton Elementary

Jeff Parks, Carolyn Tinsley, and Darryl Suber-Clinton Middle School

Martha Brothers, Andrew Wright, and Mary Samples-Clinton High School

Beta Club District of Distinction

The National Beta District of Distinction is awarded to school districts that induct qualifying students in all eligible grades, 4th-12th, within each school.  The National Beta District of Distinction is awarded to school districts that demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence, leadership development, and service involvement. Individual school awards were presented as well. Those included Clinton Elementary, Eastside Elementary, Joann-Woodson Elementary, Clinton Middle School, and Clinton High School.