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No to the Budget, again

Because, “America is $34 trillion in debt with an active invasion at our southern border. ..."


Rep. Duncan Votes NO on the Washington Swamp Omnibus


Washington, D.C. — Following the Washington Swamp passing another Omnibus that fails to address border security or America’s gross spending problem, Representative Jeff Duncan released the following statement.

“I proudly voted NO on this omnibus because it does the exact opposite of what Americans demand from Congress,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “America is $34 trillion in debt with an active invasion at our southern border. Americans are struggling to put food on the table, gas in their cars, and to even pay their mortgage. Meanwhile, liberals in Washington are playing fast and loose with your tax dollars and spending money that does not exist.

“Our federal budget should stop the invasion by building a border wall; defunding Critical Race Theory; stopping Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs in the federal government; defunding taxpayer-funded transgender surgeries in the DOD; and prohibiting the out-of-control climate agenda that threatens American energy security. I’m standing with my constituents in the Third District and with patriotic Americans across the country in rejecting this bill.”

A Republican from Laurens, Duncan is not seeking re-election in this November's General Election. There is much more about Duncan's opposition on his office's Facebook page.

The full House passed the spending measures to avert a midnight government shutdown by a 286-134 vote -- 112 Republicans and 22 Democrats noted "no". When Congress comes back from recess, the House is likely to consider a Republican-faction-led motion to replace House Speaker Mike Johnson because budget opponents are mad about the spending plans passing, and heading to the Senate. No firm date has been announced for bringing that motion to the House floor - supporters call it "a warning".