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Nikki Haley crushes competition in South Carolina Presidential Poll

43.2% says they will vote for former President Donald Trump, who skipped Wednesday's Republican Presidential debate


Washington DC – Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley polled an astounding 41.3 % of the vote in a 5-way poll that included the participants in the 3rd GOP Presidential poll from Wednesday night. 

Ron DeSantis came up short, and in second place at 23.6 %.  Home state hero Senator Tim Scott polled a respectable 14.1 %, while former Gov. Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy cratered at 4.7 % and 6.9 % respectively.

Interestingly, when asked if they would vote for Donald Trump, or their choice from the debate stage, only 43.2 % chose the former President.  Haley again did well again, garnering 69.5 % of the people who voted for her in the first question.

Check out the poll and the crosstabs here:

Presidential Poll_South Carolina 11.8.23 (

The poll was conducted by Get Out The Vote, a field based polling and communications firm.  The automated call polled 500 South Carolina Republican most likely voters. The survey ran over November 9 & 10th and has an accuracy within 3.5% of the current republican electorate.

GOTV was founded by Steve Kramer in 1999 to provide outreach and get-out-the-vote services to campaigns.  Since its inception, the firm has worked with campaigns across the country and for virtually all levels of office, from local races to Presidential campaigns.  With offices in Washington D.C., New York City and Amsterdam, GOTV works with 59 members of Congress and 8 Governors in 38 states.