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LETTER REPLY: Stewart Jones is Still Failing to Address the Facts

A vote for Kevin Bishop is for sanity and dignity in representing our values.



In response to the Jones Campaign:

Remember--SC bans abortion at six weeks. Moreover, Kevin Bishop was endorsed by Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, a leading national voice in protecting the unborn. We are a pro-life state, and Kevin embodies this as the father of twins who were born prematurely at 32 weeks.

I heeded Ms. Jason's advice to do more research, and my findings were troubling.

On H. 3549, Governor McMaster said, "That idea is lunacy. We will never do that in this state."

SC Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey echoed this sentiment: "The bill has zero chance of passing."

Stewart Jones touts his "conservative" record with the SC Freedom Caucus. Two of his Freedom Caucus endorsements, David O'Neal (R-Tega Cay) & Joe White (R-Prosperity), BOTH removed their names as sponsors of the legislation when the facts were brought to light. The bill provided no exceptions to rape or incest. Stewart Jones did nothing to remove his name as a sponsor.

H.3549 was condemned internationally, as the Daily Mail, a UK Newspaper with global circulation, denounced the measure.

With Biden Inflation, SC cannot afford to lose our foreign investment, which is the backbone of our manufacturing industry. You could kiss ZF Transmissions, Michelin, Borg Warner, Kyocera AVX, Robert Bosch, BMW, and Samsung goodbye if this bill passes.

These are the facts about this terrible, misguided legislation that should never have been introduced, and Stewart Jones should never have sponsored it. It is not pro-life, and legislation like this drives people away - not toward - our cause of protecting life.

A vote for Kevin Bishop is for sanity and dignity in representing our values.

Mark Leonard