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Ingram is board chairman

Of The Laurens County Community Foundation (LCCF)


The Laurens County Community Foundation (LCCF) is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has elected Dr. Booker Ingram. as their new Chairman of the Board. 

Dr. Ingram has served on the LCCF Executive Committee and on the Board of Directors since 2022. Robin Day, Executive Director said, “Dr. Ingram brings a wealth of experience that is critical to the organization and its mission to improve the lives of the citizens of Laurens County and furthering its goal to be a trusted partner for the community.”  

Dr. Ingram said that he is deeply honored, humbled, and incredibly excited to serve as Chairman of Laurens County Community Foundation Board. He wishes to thank his colleagues and the Board for this expression of confidence and support in his leadership, and he pledges to do his utmost to advance the Foundation’s mission and policies. He would also like to thank out going Chair, Prof. Norman Scarborough, for the outstanding leadership and service that he provided during his tenure as Chair. 

Norman Scarborough, outgoing Chairman of the Board, was recognized for his outstanding leadership and dedication to help those in need in our county through his service with the Laurens County Community Foundation. William Ferguson was elected Vice Chair, succeeding Dr. Booker Ingram, and additional new Board members Bud Marchant, and Peggy Nibert were approved the board to occupy the vacancies left by those who have completed their term of service on the LCCF Board.  Karen Mattison and Tara Webb continue to serve on the LCCF Executive Committee in the roles of Treasurer and Secretary.  The LCCF Board of Directors are a committed volunteer force of outstanding citizens in Laurens County with backgrounds in the areas of finance, law, business, education, public policy, and philanthropy. These men and women are uniquely qualified to continue to build upon the valuable mission and vision of the Laurens County Community Foundation and ensure that LCCF remains a well-governed, fiscally sound, and highly effective organization. 

The Community Foundation works with donors and fund holders towards achieving their philanthropic goals with the creation of self-directed legacies, grants, and scholarships which are invested and designed to last forever. Together, they work towards addressing some of Laurens County’s most pressing needs.  Please call the LCCF office or visit their website to learn more about how the LCCF is investing today and improving tomorrow for our community. 864-681-5223