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May is National Mental Health Awareness Month


I’m sorry that I didn’t notice

I’m sorry that I wasn’t there

I’m sorry that my heart and eyes didn’t see your pain

I’m sorry

I thought you were happy

I thought everything was ok

I thought your life was going well

I just thought

But now I wish I had done more than just think

I wish I had done more than just assume

I wish I had been more attentive

I just really wish

Everything seemed so perfect for you

You were always smiling

Never a sad bone in your body

You were the picture of “joy”

You worked hard

But you never complained

You didn’t let the small things get to you

You handled everything so well

You were who I wanted to be

I wanted your strength

I wanted your bravery

You were my inspiration

I called you for advice

Because you could always make me feel better

You always had the right words to say

You always showed up for me

You were the strong one

The one who always saw the cup half full

The one that never allowed me to talk negative about myself

You gave everyone your all

But now you’re gone

And I am at a loss for words

I can’t believe you’re not here

I can’t believe you choose to leave

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around you not being the strong one

It’s hard for me to understand that the world was too heavy for your shoulders

It’s hard for me because I rarely asked if you were ok

It’s hard for me to now know that you were hurting and I didn’t recognize it

If life had a rewind button

I would go back in time and ask you how you were doing

I would randomly pop up to see you and take you out to lunch

I would buy you something even though I know you didn’t need it

If times could be different

I wouldn’t put all my problems off on you every time we talked

I would let you know how much I love and appreciate you

I would smoother you in hugs even though it made you cringe

But now all I can do is say

I’m sorry 

I’m sorry that I saw you as a super human who never felt pain

I’m sorry that I didn’t see beyond the image that you showed the world

I’m sorry that you felt that telling me your problems would be a burden

I’m sorry that you could never let your guard down and finally take a break from the world

I’m sorry

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and in honor of that, check on your strong friends and family.  Start taking a moment of your time to check on your happy friends because you never know what someone is really dealing with; life has its challenges for everyone, just not all are shown as boldly as others. The last thing you would want is to be remembering them in September for Suicide Awareness Month. 

Lacresha Dowdy is a graduate of Clinton High School, Piedmont Technical College, and Claflin University in Orangeburg. Since December, 2009, she has been the City of Clinton Municipal Court clerk of court, and also is a Community Relations Specialist with the city.