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How much do you pay for utilities - I'm just asking questions


Do you pay $295 a month in utilities living in Clinton? Mind you, that is electricity, water, sewer and sanitation.

I admit, I am skeptical. But, hey, I’m just asking questions. 

The people at doxo believe that Clinton is the #61st most edxpensive city in South Carolina in which to live. They say that you pay $1,605 a month, or 49% of your income, on household bills. It’s all right there in their report, 2023 U.S. Bill Pay Market Size & Category Breakout Report. In all, South Carolina has a lower average in these costs that the United States as a whole, and Clinton has one of the lowest ratings in this category in South Carolina. 

That would seem to bear true because, according to doxo, your mortgage payment is $764 per month or your rent is $763 per month, and your auto loans are $439 per month. Your other bills range from a high of $214 for auto insurance to $81 for alarm and security.

The doxoINSIGHTS look at 4,000 cities around the United States. 

Americans spend $3.87 Trillion a year just to have a place to live. What’s not figured in is food and entertainment - just what doxo categorizes as household bills. 

If these statistics are accurate for Clinton, why do people complain so much? Living here is cheap. I know what you’re going to say, “well, we live on a fixed income.” Well, so? Everybody lives on a fixed income - do you know any business that’s giving raises? 

What doxo doesn’t measure - and I’m not saying they should, they have a right to measure what they want - is what’s coming out of that paycheck, as in taxes to pay for the people who collect the taxes. Social Security now that the minimum age is going to be 80 under President Haley. And all the rest. Cheap? I’m just asking the question. 

Vic MacDonald is Editor of The Clinton Chronicle. In June, 2025, Vic will observe his 50th year in community journalism. Reach him at 864-833-1900.

Hi there,

Last year Americans spent over $22 billion more on electricity. Ownerly, a home valuation company, released data on the best and worst states for electric bills. South Carolina ranked as the 6th most expensive state for electric bills in the country.

Study Highlights

  • The average monthly electric bill in South Carolina is about $153 — 6th to Hawaii, Connecticut, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas

  • South Carolina also had the 16th highest dollar increase in monthly electric bills in 2022 with about a 10% increase

  • South Carolinians used about 1,099 kilowatts a month in 2022

Click here to view the full study.

With summer months quickly approaching and AC being a costly expense for many residents, are you interested in sharing this with your readers? We’d be happy to provide any additional South Carolina stats or comment from an Ownerly representative on how to lower your electric bills.  


Erin Kemp

PR Specialist at Ownerly