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Gov. De Santis will campaign here

In advance of February 24, 2024, Republican Presidential Primary


Ron DeSantis Bringing Presidential Campaign to Dempsey’s Pizza in Clinton

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a prominent figure in the Republican Party and presidential candidate, is headed back to South Carolina, and will be making a stop in Laurens County on December 1st. The visit to Dempsey’s Pizza in Clinton is part of a full-day itinerary that includes stops in Greer, Prosperity, and Charleston, showcasing DeSantis’s commitment to engaging with voters across the state.

This visit comes hot on the heels of a highly anticipated debate between Governor DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom, which will be held on November 30th and hosted by Sean Hannity of Fox News. The clash between these two governors, both seen as rising stars in their respective parties, offers a glimpse into what could potentially become a significant matchup in the future.

The DeSantis-Newsom debate here.

Laurens County GOP Chairman Luke Rankin expressed his enthusiasm for Governor DeSantis’s visit, emphasizing the importance of bringing premier candidates to the area. Rankin stated, “I made a commitment to Laurens County Republicans to bring premier candidates to our area and I’m keeping that promise.” 

He highlighted Clinton as a thriving community saying, “Dempsey’s Pizza is an iconic dining spot in the county, making it a fitting venue for hosting the governor.” Rankin further encouraged individuals, regardless of their primary candidate preference, to attend the event, underscoring the rarity of such high-profile visits to Laurens County. The last presidential candidate to visit was Governor Rick Perry in 2012, more than eleven years ago.

The significance of Governor DeSantis choosing Laurens County for a campaign stop cannot be understated. It reflects a strategic decision to connect with voters in diverse communities, including smaller towns like Clinton. Dempsey’s Pizza, a local landmark, will serve as the backdrop for this event, offering residents a unique opportunity to engage directly with the governor.

The scheduled time for Governor DeSantis’s visit to Dempsey’s Pizza is between 12 pm and 1 pm, providing locals with a one-hour window to hear from and interact with the presidential candidate. This visit is not only an opportunity for Laurens County residents to witness a prominent political figure in their community but also a chance for them to actively participate in the democratic process.

As the political landscape evolves, and candidates traverse the country to garner support, Governor DeSantis’s visit to Dempsey’s Pizza signifies the importance of engaging with voters at the grassroots level.

Dempsey’s Pizza stands out as a local dining treasure but also serves as an excellent spot to connect with the community of Laurens County.