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Football - Gallery 5 - The Running Game

The Victim - Woodruff


After a time to heal and regroup, Clinton sets up a Region Championship trip to Chester, with an Oct. 14 win over Woodruff. This series is now 54-26-1 - first game played in 1923 - in Clinton’s favor.

Justin Copeland’s sky-high catch of a Bryce Young pass and fight for the end zone as time expired in the first half was the highlight reel play from a run-dominated 59-20 Clinton home win Friday over Woodruff.

The win puts 8-0 Clinton, the #3 ranked team in State AAA, in an unenviable position for this coming Friday – win in a tough Chester venue to claim the Region 4 Championship. The Cyclones upheld their end of the bargain, a 33-13 win over Emerald, to bring the region title game to their stadium. This will be Chester’s final regular season game, since the Cyclones must have a bye week playing in a 5-team region – Clinton’s bye was last Friday, a time to heal and regroup. But the Red Devils came into the Woodruff game a quarterback down, as starter Austin.Copeland was down and back-up Bryce Young was next man up. To counter what the Wolverines would throw at the junior back-up, Clinton did what it does.

It ran.

And ran some more.

Clinton’s 526 yards on 45 carries broke a single-game rushing record that has stood since 2005.