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Congressman says no masks to slow down Covid variants - A Longer Statement - throws his support behind impeachment

3rd District SC Rep. Jeff Duncan of Laurens sides with Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on masks, says, "America demands honest answers from Joe Biden."


Americans refuse to be forced to wear a mask ever again. 

Every member of the U.S. House should join me in supporting the Freedom to Breath Act. I'm proud to stand with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to protect American's freedom. This legislation bans mask mandates on public transportation, planes, and in schools.

Congressman Jeff Duncan

on Friday

Local COVID data so far, as a variant resurges.

COVID-19 Cases in Laurens County: 18,667

COVID-19 Deaths in Laurens County: 295

Covid date here.


Rep. Jeff Duncan Rejects Mask Mandates

Washington, D.C. — After seeing freedom trampled to enact ineffective, Orwellian mandates, Congressman Jeff Duncan co-sponsored the Freedom to Breathe Act and released the following statement:

“Americans refuse to be forced to wear a mask ever again,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “After our country was shut down, church doors locked, businesses closed down, elderly citizens locked away, and teachers forced masks on children as the kids cried in terror, Americans refuse to allow anyone to strip away our freedoms again.”

“Anthony Fauci told us masking would slow the spread. Now, Fauci says masking did not prove to be effective at stopping the pandemic.”

“I urge every member of the U.S. House to join me in supporting the Freedom to Breathe Act. I'm proud to stand with Rep. Greene to protect Americans’ freedom by banning mask mandates on public transportation, planes, and in schools.”

Dr. Fauci makes the commendations list here.

And again:

No mask mandates ever again! Fauci shut down our country, locked church doors, and traumatized children as teachers forced masks on kids. It started as masking, then escalated to forced COVID jabs on citizens so they could keep their job or go out to eat. Vaccine passports were nothing more than a tool to control a free people. I’m fighting to protect the freedom of Americans and ensure no one strips away your freedoms again. It’s time to pass the Freedom to Breathe Act!


Glad to see Speaker Kevin McCarthy announce a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden and the actions of the Biden Crime Family. The House will now have greater legal tools to investigate allegations of bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors related to the invasion at the southern border, and a two-tiered system of justice that gives sweetheart deals to Hunter Biden for his crimes. My constituents want the House to get to the bottom of the Biden Crime Family corruption, even as we also fight him on the size of government that has fueled his inflationary “Bidenomics” that hurt every American family. America demands honest answers from Joe Biden.
At last, we finally see the possibility of some semblance of justice as Hunter Biden is indicted on felony gun charges. Joe Biden, will you commit to NOT pardoning Hunter? If your handlers will bring you up from the basement, Americans demand an honest answer today. #BidenCrimeFamily