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Congressman Duncan supports Biden Family oversight

The President and his family’s actions have compromised our national security, Laurens-based US Representative alleges.

House Republicans are conducting rigorous oversight into the Biden Crime Family’s influence peddling schemes and unethical business dealings, domestic and international.
From the Hunter Biden laptop to a litany of Biden family scandals, the Bidens have a history of corruption and exploitation. There is evidence of at least $10 million from foreign nationals and related companies paid to the Biden family and their business associates, including millions of dollars from China with ties to the CCP and Chinese intelligence. The Biden family’s unethical influence and foreign business dealings coincide with Biden’s term as Vice-President, and a web of over 20 LLCs were formed by Hunter Biden, the Biden family, and their associates as they capitalized on Joe Biden’s public office.
This just scratches the surface of the Biden Crime Family’s illegal and unethical activities, and there is much more to unearth. The President and his family’s actions have compromised our national security. The American people deserve transparency, and the Biden family needs to be held accountable. Why won’t the DOJ act on the Biden family’s unlawful activity and corruption?
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Rep. Duncan Condemns EPA’s Proposed Power Plant Regulations: ‘Recipe for disaster’

Washington, D.C.– On Thursday, Congressman Jeff Duncan released a statement to condemn the Biden Administration Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule that would regulate power plants and put the electric grid at risk. 

“Mandating more electrification while making it harder to produce electricity is a recipe for disaster. The Biden EPA’s new proposed rules for power plants will put Americans at risk of blackouts, energy shortages, and higher prices by shutting down reliable energy sources,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “President Biden’s rush-to-green energy policies are unsustainable and will lead to a future of energy reliability and vulnerability. Instead of shutting down our baseload power, overregulating American energy, and forcing a so-called ‘energy transition,’ it’s time to unleash an all-of-the-above energy strategy for the United States to thrive.”

Background: The EPA’s proposed rule to regulate the nation’s 3,400 natural gas and coal power plants would require them to capture 90% of their ‘planet-warming emissions’ by 2035 or run mostly on hydrogen by 2038. This rule intended to cut air pollution would threaten the existence of coal and gas-fired power plants, and some coal plants are expected to shut down in the wake of the new rule.

Rep. Duncan Commends the Passage of H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act: ‘Our nation is facing an invasion’

Washington, D.C.– On Thursday, Congressman Duncan released the following statement after the passage of H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act.

“The Secure the Border Act will take integral steps to safeguard our nation as we face an unprecedented border crisis and historic levels of illegal immigration. The Biden Administration’s dangerous open border policies have created a national security crisis, as well as a surge in human trafficking, crime, and drug smuggling across our porous southern border. With well over five million illegal border crossings since Joe Biden took office, it’s clear our nation is facing an invasion. This crisis is of the Biden Administration’s own making, we have no idea who is in our country, and the president has the constitutional duty to act.”

“I was proud to vote for the Secure the Border Act because it provides solutions to this problem by ending catch and release, restarting construction of the border wall, and closing loopholes in our asylum laws. It also includes principles from the immigration enforcement package I introduced in February, including cracking down on visa overstays and stepping up the deportation of those on the terror watch list. This is by far the strongest border security bill to come to the House floor in decades, and I urge my colleagues in the Senate to take this issue seriously and pass this important legislation. A nation without borders will cease to exist. It’s past time for us to build the wall, secure the border, and enforce our laws to end the crisis raging at our southern border.”