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Clinton City Council: Scope of Work for Auditor



The Clinton City Council will meet this Monday (Jan. 9) in place of the normal 1st Monday of the month because of the New Year's holiday.

The meeting will be at 6 pm in the council chambers, second floor of the municipal building, and is open to the public. Meeting viewing also is available on the city's Facebook page. Agenda items include a 2-minute time for public input - people who register to address the council before the meeting starts, regarding agenda items. The council will honor retirees Phil Hasty and Marvin Moss; and will present the 2022 Spirit of Christmas Decoration Awards and Christmas Parade Awards.

Council will approve a 2023 meetings schedule, and will consider a Scope of Work for audit services related to the Rate Stabilization Fund - Council has discovered $4 Million that it thought it had in this fund is not there because the money was used by a previous administration to pay the city's bills; Council members are seeking a full, independent accounting of the money.

Council will consider an update to the recreation plan to include a city parks and swimming pool project with the Clinton Family YMCA - the council is considering using ARPA money for this project (ARPA is the Biden Administation's COVID relief money to states, cities and counties; school districts receive money under a different federal program).

An alternate member from the council for the PMPA Board will be considered; public hearings and ordinance first readings will be conducted on changes to the zoning ordinance and the subdivision ordinance; and reports are scheduled from the City Manager, Committees, City Attorney, Council Members, and The Mayor prior to adjournment.

Attend in person -- 211 North Broad Street -- or view the meeting at:

Clinton City Council