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America, get your act together

America needs to get its act together morally, spiritually, and financially before the world will once again accept our influence.



Are we Americans slow learners?  Or, do we just have short range vision?  Covid19 showed us that across our nation we had not realized how off track our public schools had become.  We were unaware of how the teacher unions were destroying our public schools. 

According to published information, we have lost two decades of learning by the closing of schools and attempting to augment personal learning with technology.  School administrators and school boards were naive to the danger of wokeism in discipline and the product of Colleges of Education.

Now in 2023, the Hamas barbaric attack on innocent Israeli citizens and the out pouring of support for the barbarism has exposed to us the cumulative affect of liberal-Marxist teaching in our colleges and universities.  This teaching has resulted from purposeful commission in the teaching of socialism and the deliberate omission by ignoring our constitutional principles.

In trying to understand the Palestine people, we must take into account their voting Hamas into control of their territory. Do we as Americans not realize allowing extreme terrorist groups the ability to infiltrate our borders unidentified and untraceable has us facing the same future as the Israeli people?

It’s one thing if one has ties to individuals in Gaza, but to come out for the Palestinian people and the Hamas mongrels who ripped open the bellies of pregnant women and murdered children is either misguided or pathetically stupid, or simply amoral.

Have you considered why the barbaric actions of Hamas occurred when they did?  Could the reasoning and calculation be based on the thought and polling indicating this would be the last year of the incompetent Biden Administration?  Perhaps the fact that Biden freed up six billion dollars for Iran to release a few hostages, and is pouring billions more into this hub of terrorism, triggered the event.

America has had a strong influence for good in the world.  This has been based on the perception of our being ethical, having high morals, possessing a high level of intelligence, and being the most militarily powerful country in the world.  The Biden Administration has done everything possible to portray our country as the totally opposite.  Possessing 31 trillion dollars in debt, having open-uncontrolled borders, and an incoherent president, who is financially controlled by the Chinese government to the point China even makes our band-aids, we are in extreme danger.

America needs to get its act together morally, spiritually, and financially before the world will once again accept our influence.  This could begin by our acknowledging the real meaning of Christmas.  The Grinch did not steal Christmas; our weak knees have simply allowed Christ to be nudged out of all aspects of Christmas including Christmas parades.

Elizabeth D. McKinney, Clinton