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Walter Allen

A Paradigm Shift

Something to talk about


It is difficult to be positive in a negative world and we do live in a negative world. Some would say since the Fall of Adam and Eve, when sin and death entered the world, mankind has gone downhill. If one has read the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible you know to what I am referring. In this current age of time, we as a society of people are running out of sins to commit. Think about it. What heretofore unknown crime or deviate behavior remains for a person to commit? Our society has done it all. A paradigm shift in quality of values has taken place. What, you ask? Perhaps, the following can illustrate my point. Please bear in mind, I am referring to title name only, not content.  

I was standing in the check-out line at a local grocery store the other day and while waiting, I began to read the title cover page of several magazines on the nearby rack. The first one was “Life” magazine. Now that title is positive because it encompasses all of everything. All of life that exists, be it plant, animal, or human. “Life” doesn’t offer praise or condemnation. It simply persuades us to be part of it. The good, the bad, or the ugly. 

The second magazine cover page was “People” magazine. OK, that is still positive, but notice the limitation. We have gone from all of creation (“Life”) to a lesser part of creation, just people. Although God created mankind in His image, our scope of what He has done has now been placed in a smaller frame of view.  

The third magazine cover page was “US.” Now, we are really setting “People” apart. We are choosing to be segregated. The identification of the “US” isn’t important. The importance is the fact we are separating ourselves from others. This indicates a purposeful process that results in an attitude of isolation. It is a removal from the concept of “Life.” 

The fourth magazine cover page was “Self.” Our society, our culture has gone from embracing all of “Life” to a society of the individual. One who is focused on self. It is what “self” wants, regardless of “US”, regardless of “People”, regardless of “Life.” If “self” is not accepted by “US” or “People”, then “self” attempts to force acceptance on others. 

I find the magazine titles to accurately reflect a progression of a change or paradigm shift if you will, of the moral decay in our country. The shooting and killing of three children and three adults in a Christian school last month in Nashville, Tennessee is a tragic example of a sick and perverse society. Some may argue for the taking away of guns. Someone had to pull the trigger. 

Why this school? Why any school? Christianity is under attack. Whether it be from the LBGTQ community or another group identifying itself as “US.” In the 1950’s and 60’s the “US” group was the segregationists. 

Folks, if we are concerned, if we care, we can no longer just react to the symptoms. Reacting to the symptom doesn’t accomplish much. Legislative Assemblies can pass all the “Hate Crime” laws they want, and they have. Has that action prevented anything? No. As a society, as committed Christians (if you profess to be) we need, we must react to the cause. 

Parents must be just that, parents. There should be two of them. Too many children are in homes with either a single parent or they are being raised by grandparents. Family structure is of great importance. Is family structure the answer to all of our problems? No, but it is a great place to start.   


Walter Allen has a BA degree from Auburn University and is retired from the paper industry. He is a published author and lives in Laurens County.