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A Investment in Our Future

Laurens County students now have a major new college opportunity thanks to a generous source in their community. 


Laurens County Futures Scholarship partners with Presbyterian College and Piedmont Technical College to help local students earn four-year degrees 

The Laurens County Future Scholarship (LCFS) program was established in 2015 to provide funding for students to attend Piedmont Technical College (PTC) tuition free.  This program continues to be a cost-effective investment in the future of Laurens County's workforce as it grows to help students achieve a four-year degree from Presbyterian College (PC). 

Laurens County students who earn either an associate’s degree or complete two years of coursework at PTC with a minimum of 60 credit hours and a cumulative 3.0 grade point average are eligible for PC’s Laurens County Transfer Promise program. Students who enroll and are accepted through the Transfer Promise program are provided full tuition and fees, including any federal and state financial assistance they qualify for, to cover the third and fourth years toward completing a bachelor's degree. 

“The LCFS Board of Directors is proud of the success of the program and the continued growth.  We look forward to partnering with PC and PTC to help fund a program focused on our students and their successful futures,” stated LCFS Board Chair Jim Coleman.  “We appreciate the generosity of the supporters who supply the resources needed to continue this program and we value the collaborations taking place.”

Two local students – Madison Davis and Liliana Weathers, both of Laurens – are the first beneficiaries of the partnership between LCFS, PTC, and PC.    

PC announced the establishment of the Laurens County Transfer Promise last year as a means to serve the community and provide students new opportunities to achieve their academic goals.

"I'm excited to partner with Piedmont Tech in offering a seamless and free transition for students who want to complete their bachelor's degree," stated PC executive director of admissions Leigh Lanford '98. "With dedicated resources, support, and staff committed to facilitating the process, we hope to open doors for students who might not have considered finishing their bachelor's otherwise!"

At the announcement, PTC president Dr. Hope Rivers expressed her gratitude for the community's scholarship support for Laurens County students and the partnership with PC to provide opportunities for them to get their four-year degrees.

“We are happy to unite with Presbyterian College to extend this opportunity to all PTC students from Laurens County who qualify for the Transfer Promise,” Rivers said. “We strongly encourage those with an interest in the academic programs at PC to take advantage of this opportunity and further broaden their career prospects.”

For more information about the Laurens County Future Scholarship program, contact The Laurens County Chamber of Commerce at 864-833-2716.


LCFS Board of Directors:

Jim Coleman ▪ Laurens County Auditor 

Jeff Field ▪ Laurens County Water & Sewer Commission 

Amanda Munyan ▪ Laurens County Chamber of Commerce 

Marlene Owings ▪ Laurens County Chamber of Commerce

Justin Benfield ▪ Prisma Health-Upstate Laurens County Hospital 

Jonathan Coleman ▪ Laurens County Development Corp. 

Joshua Dawkins ▪ Sanders Middle School 

Dr. Brenda Schrantz ▪ Laurens County School District 56

Scott Todd ▪ Sumner & Todd, LLC


April Bower ▪ Presbyterian College 

Josh Black ▪ Piedmont Technical College

Cameron Coone ▪ USC Union at Laurens


Christopher Benson ▪ Raymond James Financial Services