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VIA Health Partners Host 19th Annual Butterfly Release

Remembering And Honoring Loved Ones With a Butterfly


The VIA Health Partner's 19th annual Butterfly Release and Celebration was held on June 9th at Ora ARP Church in  Gray Court.  Nancy Cole, VIA Health Partners Director of  Special Events, had this to say about the event,

"On Sunday friends and families who have been touched by our compassionate care came together at  Ora ARP Church to remember their loved ones and participate in our 19th Annual Butterfly Release.  This was our largest gathering to date, and we are honored to be connected with so many families across the Upstate.  Painted Lady butterflies were released by attendees as an uplifting gesture meant to honor the spirit of those we served"

Donation  for  those in need can still be made by calling 864-833-6287.