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Fees, taxes up in proposed budget

Clinton City Council considers 1st of 2 readings Tuesday night


A city budget that will increase fees and taxes will be under consideration by the Clinton City Council at a called meeting Tuesday night. Approval keeps the budget on track for a public hearing and 2nd reading, final, approval at the Council's regular monthly meeting, June 3 (first Monday).

The general fund revenue is projected at $9,465,654, and the utility fund revenue is project at $24,081,279. These figures are included in a May 6 budget workshop agenda packet.

The 2024-25 budget will be considered Tuesday at 6 pm, in the council chambers of the municipal center on North Broad Street. Budget figures are not included on the agenda, but the City will publish an ad before final reading laying out the budget figures.

The general fund revenue for the next budget is 11.6% higher that this year's final project numbers.

The utility fund revenue for the next budget is 3.1% higher than the projected year-end revenue for the 2023-24 budget.

The budget introduction in the agenda packet from May 6 (on the city's website) says Budget Changes include 10% more for employee health insurance; 2.5% more in overall merit pay increases average per department based on evaluations; No millage increase proposed; Trash fee up from $16.50 to $24.75 generating an additional $240,000; Sewer fee up 10% generating an additional $260,000; Animal Control budgeted at $200,000/annual; and Park personnel expenses up from $60,000 to $138,000.

Then, revised figures in a May 17 memo say a 2.7 mil property tax increase is proposed, to generate $25,0000; and a 7% water rate increase is proposed, also, 

The City Budget requires 2 readings and a public hearing to be an adopted ordinance, and city leaders want it to be in effect by July 1.

The meeting is open to the public and is livestreamed on the City's Facebook page. Public comments are allowed ON AGENDA ITEMS and generally these are timed out at 2 minutes.

City Budget Memo here.