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PC men win

Coach Farrell talks about the 10 point win over Campbell that makes PC men's basketball 1-0 in Big South play.

PC's win of over 100 pts

NCAA Division I Presbyterian College defeats NAIA Bluefield by more than 100 points - thoughts from Blue Hose Women's Head Coach Alaura Sharp.

Ian response

President Biden delivers remarks to reaffirm his commitment to supporting the people of Florida as they recover and rebuild from the devastating storm. -- The White House

Suicide Prevention

SUICIDE PREVENTION. South Carolina ETV program discusses mental health and suicide prevention strategies with live broadcast of “SCETV Safe Space” Conversational style program brings …

100% Preventable

jason foundation 141 subscribers     SUBSCRIBE Would you know how to respond if you recognized someone you know may be thinking about suicide? Our challenge is to challenge anyone and …

Soul of the Nation

President Biden's recent speech, titled Soul of the Nation, delivered in Philadelphia.

Musgrove Mill Golf Club

Golf America Television Show features The McConnell Golf owned and operated Musgrove Mill Golf Club near Clinton. Also, thoracic exercises for golf.

Student Debt

President Biden discusses a move to lessen student debt for people making less that $125,000/year and recipients of Pell Grants. This is the reaction from South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and SC …

All of the Above

Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC3-Laurens) brings fellow members of Congrees to Upstate South Carolina to see nuclear and hydro-power. Rep. Duncan Highlights “All of the Above” Energy Tour …

South Carolina 7

They were with us July 13th in eastern Laurens County, now SC 7 is moving "downriver" to Tom Mullikin's home city -- Camden. SC 7, for the 3rd year, is a 30-day expedition from the …

"An attack on our democracy"

Local News is in decline, in part because of falling revenues - in part because of hedge funds. This is a 60 Minutes Report available on its YouTube channel.

How can the loss of these lives matter

Matthew McConaughey, a native of Uvalde, Texas, discusses the need for bipartisan action on reasonable gun control measures - including raising the eligible age from 18 to 21 for people to purchase …

After Campbell

Coach Kevin Kelley apologizes to his team after a 72-0 beat down, then finds a player to call out during a rain practice - Dayton is next.

PC Football 2021

The Coach, the Quarterback, and a lot of the players are gone now - a look at the most recent football team fielded by Presbyterian College.

President in Poland

President Joe Biden speaks in Poland, about the crisis in Europe.     President Biden Delivers Remarks on the United Efforts to Support the People of Ukraine   President Biden delivers …

Energy Bill

Energy Independence from Russia --- The American Energy Independence from Russia Act would unleash American energy independence, immediately approve the Keystone XL pipeline, remove all …


Palmetto State Armory will bring "The Gathering" to a venue near Clinton.

Recap State of the Union

Just over 2 minutes on the March 1 State of the Union address, by President Joe Biden.