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From the first note, Tom Jones and That Voice in North Charleston


... Pussycat.

Most people of a certain age knew what I’m talking about. For those of you too young, Google It.

“It” is, of course, Tom Jones, the Welsh singer who launched a thousand heart-throbs when he hit the music scene in the fertile era of 1963. It was the time of Beatlemania and music EXPLODED - all around the world, a whole new generation had found its voice. Sadly, many didn’t make it, claimed by fame and drugs; for others, hard living and divorce took their toll and, face it, music just isn’t the same these days.

But the survivors ... oh, The Survivors.

Pat and I saw Tom Jones two Wednesdays ago at the North Charleston Coliseum. Just a down and back, overnight trip - the coliseum is walking distance from the hotel, but a spring storm made that a little iffy. We made it, though, experiencing what modern concert venues are like (cashLESS at the concession stand). Pat had seen Tom Jones before, this was my first time.

She did not prepare me.


Stronger than any I have heard at a advanced age - Tom will be 83 on June 7. Around that time, he will be flying from Canada to the United Kingdom, his U.S. tour completed. On June 14 he resumes in the UK, and then around Europe, ending in Spain. This is his Facebook tribute to the late Tina Turner: “Tina, an incredible woman, a genuine singer, a one of a kind talent, I am honoured to have known her. RIP Tina” with a picture of them performing together. Not sure our uptight world could hold that sexbomb-ness today.

Tom is promoting his album “Surrounded by Time, The Hourglass Edition” - its initial release made him the oldest person ever to have a #1 album in the UK. This concert, “Delilah” was his featured song - his four-piece band blew out the back of the theater. They turned up the house lights so Tom could see the people standing and singing and (unfortunately) stabbing. All in Fun.

Vic MacDonald is Editor of The Clinton Chronicle. In June, Vic will observe his 50th year in community journalism. Reach him at 864-833-1900.