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Vic's View

Vic's View: Opportunities are abounding

Projects are blooming; Events are upcoming - Get Out and Enjoy


We thought it would never get here. Those days when projects would sprout from the ground after a sizeable majority of Laurens Countians decided to tax themselves, and our visitors, to finance 16 community enhancement projects.

“Where are they?” the persistent critics have said from the back row - never wanting to actually DO anything themselves - for the past 3 years. Well, here they are -- the Clinton Library, the Agriculture & Business Center, both ground-broken; the Sheriff’s Office’s evidence storage building, done and ribbon-cutted; parks upgrades all over the place; The Loop Trail near the Hospital where you can walk on it right now; and on Sept. 21, the Hickory Tavern water tower - the old tower came down at dawn last Monday.

And, The Historic Courthouse wrapped in plastic while a small army of worker transforms its exterior and installs an elevator.

Double And, we don’t have to wait for the sales tax to accumulate before building - the County floated a bond to get the money now with future sales tax proceeds as collateral. Any day now we will be catching up with Greenwood - and some day we might even catch up with Newberry which has benefitted from TWO Capital Projects Sales Taxes.

So much is happening, and more is coming, that I just couldn’t resist framing this column as “Opportunities are abounding.”

Clinton has provided USC Union and The Palmetto College a new home at the Bell Street campus (below). Hopefully, District 56 and USC Union can agree on an homage to the campus’ significance as the former African-American high school for the Clinton community with an appropriate display. Students cannot learn about it today, but there was a time of “separate but equal” schools in this country, which were the epitome of unequal. 

Clinton needs to remember that heritage.

AND, our Laurens County College, Presbyterian College, is welcoming a new president and has its highest ever enrollment in a doctoral occupational therapy program. Even as demand for its Pharmacy School graduates wanes -- there is no longer a national shortage, and employers know it - there’s still a need for more independent pharmacies in this country, especially in rural underserved areas (we’re looking at you Sadler-Hughes).

And (yes, I know, this is getting monotonous) just look at the pages of this issue and find ALL THE STUFF there is to do as fall approaches. September is Rhythm on the Rails and October is Squealin’ on the Square and that’s just for starters.

We haven’t said it in a while, but it is appropriate now. GET OUT, participate, be in your community, don’t just sit back and bemoan “there’s nothing to do.” There is plenty to do, here and around us. We just have to want to get out there.

BE Laurens County because you are Laurens County. Your participation helps others feel “that was worth it” when they have people at their events.

Vic MacDonald is Editor of The Clinton Chronicle. One of his weekly tasks is to put together the What’s Happening on Page 4 of each issue. In June, 2025, he will observe his 50th year in community journalism. Reach him at 864-833-1900.


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