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The Emerald City

5 things to do on a day trip across the lake


The City of Greenwood ‘’South Carolina’s Emerald City” has many Varied and truly interesting Attractions, happenings and things to do, and places to see. I have visited Greenwood many times thru the years with my Family and friends; and It has been a place that is very Dear to my heart. There are Five things I have always done in Greenwood on my many visits to the Emerald City, and these are things I look forward to enjoying again in the near future. The People of the City of Clinton and Laurens County, make sure you make the small Trip to the Area of Greenwood very soon.

Walking around the Downtown area called Uptown Greenwood has always been a dream. Before revitalization around 2010, Uptown Greenwood used to be Funky mix of Old restaurants and fine downtown retail shops. Now it’s a Metropolitan area Hub full of government agencies, office buildings, and department stores and specialty shops. I look forward to walking around Uptown Greenwood one day soon again.

And the Uptown Market, also located in the Uptown Greenwood area, is located at 220 Maxwell Avenue. It’s a Farmers market that sells fresh produce from local farms, such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and tomatoes. They also sell textiles and little gifts for your family. Make sure you visit this Greenwood venue soon.

One place that I have always enjoyed at the Emerald City is The Railroad Historical Center. It is located at 908 Main Street. This place takes us back to The Golden Age of railroad travel. The Railroad Historical Center houses 50 years of South Carolina Railway history. This site also is the biggest railroad exhibit in Upcountry South Carolina.

The Greenwood Community Theater, located at 110 Main Street in the Emerald City, was first built in 1934 as a Movie house. It was reopened and Renovated back in 2007 as a Live performance theater. Its upcoming scheduled theater performances this year of 2023 includes the play “Guys and Dolls.” This will be on stage at the Greenwood Community Theatre on June 9-18  2023. Also on stage would be the Play “The Jungle Book.” This would be a good play to bring your children.  This would be in production on September 14-17 2023. And also “The Little Shop of Horrors”; a play for the season of Halloween. This would be at the  Greenwood Community theatre on October 22-November 5th 2023. Look forward to seeing you all there!

The Greenwood Arts Center was first built in 1911 as The Federal Building. It is located at 120 Main Street. It opened in 2006; and since then the Greenwood Arts Center has welcomed 200 thousand visitors over the years. It has 25,000 square feet available for the  Arts community in Greenwood county. 

The Emerald City of South Carolina is a wonderful place to spend your time during the weekend, and Truly is a Home away from home. And going back to the City of Greenwood’s many attractions that are off the Beaten path has been Interesting and very enjoyable. Greenwood truly is the Emerald City of South Carolina.

Steven Hawkins is a Freelance writer from Greenville SC.


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