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Republicans Building an Impeachment Case Against Biden

Says Our Congressman Jeff Duncan, R-SC-Laurens


One question rings clear for most Americans. What is being done about the rampant corruption in Washington? Congress has a mandate from Americans and our Oaths of Office to ensure the protection of our Constitution and country. The current administration failed to uphold its obligation and placed our great nation in jeopardy.

I have received countless questions from South Carolina’s Third District about impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden. My constituents and all of America deserve an honest answer as to how House Republicans are working to hold the Biden Administration accountable. So far, House Republicans have held 565 oversight hearings, forced 561 Biden officials to testify under oath, and issued 45 subpoenas. 

With so many issues surrounding the Biden Crime Family and the abuse of government, Republicans in the House are building a case for impeachment through 4 Committees: Homeland Security, Ways & Means, Oversight & Accountability, and Judiciary.

First, the Homeland Security Committee is focusing on Joe Biden allowing the invasion at our southern border where over 5.5 million illegal border crossings have occurred since Biden took office. The administration must answer why the cartel is controlling our southwest border and why fentanyl is freely flowing across our borders and causing countless deaths here in America. Chairman Mark Green will bring Sec. Mayorkas before Congress to answer for his dereliction of duty that has resulted the southern border crisis and will also hold Biden accountable for breaking the trust of Americans. This is the same Sec. Mayorkas who couldn’t find time to deal with the invasion at our border but could ensure $352,109 taxpayer dollars were given to PREVENTS-OH at University of Dayton to label groups like Prager U, the RNC, TPUSA and the Heritage Foundation as neo-Nazis. This is just another example of Biden suppressing political opponents by abusing taxpayer dollars.

Second, Chairman Jason Smith and the Ways and Means Committee uncovered evidence of Biden’s IRS and DOJ operating on a two-tiered judicial system that protects the friends and members of the Biden Crime Family and gives Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal that the American people would never receive. The Committee will ensure that the preferential treatment for the politically connected is ended and that Justice is equally applied to every citizen.

Third, the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, led by Chairman James Comer, is investigating “the Big Man’s” pay-for-play schemes orchestrated by Hunter Biden. They are following the money trail to see where it leads to and from in relation to the Biden Crime Family and their foreign connections—otherwise known as the Chinese Communist Party. Devon Archer, Hunter’s business partner, testified that Joe Biden joined Hunter on speakerphone 20+ times with his “business partners.” Archer testified that Hunter was only used because of "the brand" which was then-Vice President Joe Biden. Burisma needed "the brand" to avoid business failure and to give them a legal shield. Joe Biden lied to Americans when he said he knew nothing of Hunter's business dealings. Now, the left wants you to believe that Joe Biden only talked about the weather with Hunter and his "business partners."

Lastly, Chairman Jim Jordan is leading the House Judiciary Committee in exposing the weaponization of both the FBI and the DOJ, as well as pulling back the curtain on the two-tiered justice system of the Biden Administration. The Committee is working tirelessly to put an end to Biden’s censoring of Americans—Biden cannot be allowed to continue infringing on your First Amendment rights. Remember, it’s Biden’s FBI that called concerned parents domestic terrorists, censored free speech, calls you an extremist if you are a pro-life Catholic, and abuses the power of the government to spy on presidential candidates.

Without House Republicans taking the reins and forcing the feckless Biden Administration to answer to the American people, no one would know about the dereliction of duty, weaponization of government and a justice system that gives favors to the politically connected elites. News media sat idly by as Biden and his cronies exploited their positions for their personal benefit and used the power of the federal government to chill political opponents. By bringing to light the copious examples of the Biden Administration’s misdeeds, Republicans in the House have forced the media to no longer be silent and to report in full to the American people.

Justice will be served thanks to the work being done across the board by House Republicans to hold the reckless Biden Administration accountable. Congress must keep fighting for American citizens as we uphold our oath of office—something that Joe Biden seems to think doesn’t matter.

The case is being built and I personally voted to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden for high crimes and misdemeanors. As Heraclitus said, “justice will overtake fabricators of lies and false witnesses.”



Elliott Kelley, MBA

Press Secretary

Office of Congressman Jeff Duncan SC-03

2229 Rayburn House Office Building 

Washington, D.C. 20515

Office: 864.224.7401


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