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Shutdown affects soldiers' pay


Republicans’ Government Shutdown Could Block SC’s 38,300 Soldiers From Pay

Columbia, S.C. -- In less than one week, Republican-led government shutdown could have a dire impact on thousands of South Carolinians — including the 38,300 active duty service members who call the Palmetto State home. South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Christale Spain released the following statement:

“South Carolina is proud to be called home by many of our country’s soldiers, veterans, and military families who sacrifice so much to protect our country. Yet Republicans are so hellbent on pushing a MAGA agenda that would gut federal programs thousands of vulnerable South Carolinians rely on, that they are playing politics with our service members' livelihoods. If Tim Scott, Nancy Mace, Ralph Norman, and other MAGA Republicans get their way, our troops may not be receiving their next paycheck on time — putting our national security at risk. This dangerous political game that Republicans are playing is shameful and our military families deserve better.”

With South Carolina Republicans more focused on scoring political points instead of keeping our government running, South Carolina could face dire consequences:

  • The salaries for thousands of active-duty service members could be jeopardized.

  • Civil servants in the Department of Defense could be furloughed, impacting military recruitment and national security.

  • Military training operations could be curtailed.

CNN looks at the situation here.