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Our View: Two-Tiered System of Justice

Republicans don’t want Hunter Biden to plead guilty, yet, because, then, his legal troubles are solved, no longer part of their bogeyman politics (even though after nearly a decade they haven’t let go of “Hillary Clinton’s e-mail”).


We are not attorneys, and we do not pretend to be; but even we can see a two-tiered system of justice in America when we see it. A willing defendant and a vigilant prosecutor reach a mutual agreement that satisfies the government and allows the defendant to get on with his life is BLOCKED by a judge appointed by the chief political rival of the defendant’s father.

Of course, we are taking about Hunter Biden, a private citizen who just happens to be the son of the President of the United States.

He wants to plead guilty to tax evasion (taxes he already has paid to the government) but a Trump-appointed judge won’t let him. And for some people who are attorneys, that is a good thing:

(SC) Attorney General Alan Wilson raises concern over Hunter Biden plea deal

(COLUMBIA, S.C.) – Attorney General Alan Wilson sent a letter to Biden’s U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, raising concerns over Hunter Biden’s plea deal and the unusual treatment leading to that agreement.

“It doesn’t matter your last name, your position in life, or your political connections, no one is above the law. Hunter Biden should be no different,” said Attorney General Alan Wilson. “The circumstances surrounding Hunter Biden’s plea deal are suspect, and I’m glad the judge rejected the agreement at sentencing this morning. The American people deserve answers, and while these are federal charges, I’m going to do all I can to help find the truth and restore trust in the justice system.”

The letter listed ten issues of concern in the Hunter Biden case:

•Equality under the law

•Tax violations

•Gun charge leniency

•Incomplete business dealings investigation

•Interference in investigation

•Avoidance of more serious charges

•Justice Department policy contradiction

•Unconventional legal procedure

•Nature and impact of the plea deal

•Comparison with average American

The letter states, “the recent plea agreement concerning Mr. Biden raises disconcerting questions. The optics suggest a potential deviation from this age-old principle, with the shadow of bias cast by his ties to the presidency. Such a scenario not only jeopardizes the trust that the American people place in our justice system but also risks setting a precedent where proximity to power could influence the course of justice. It is a narrative that runs counter to everything our nation stands for and should be approached with utmost scrutiny.”

Attorney General Wilson joined Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, and Mississippi on the letter. 

— A “news release” posted on the website of South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson

The “Hunter Biden plea deal” drew interest and criticism from lawmakers, who have no business meddling in the operation of the judiciary. We wonder what Mr. Wilson would have thought had the General Assembly “intervened” in his prosecution of Alex Murdaugh and friends.

Here is our Congressman Jeff Duncan’s take on the situation:

“Hunter Biden went before U.S. District Court Judge Noreika today to review his sweetheart plea deal. However, the deal was stalled as Hunter tried to have his plea deal give him blanket immunity from all criminal charges. What’s the matter Hunter, is the House GOP getting too much evidence of your influence peddling to foreign countries? Hunter knows pressure is building and the Biden Crime Family is being exposed for their crimes.”

Republicans don’t want Hunter Biden to plead guilty, yet, because, then, his legal troubles are solved, no longer part of their bogeyman politics (even though after nearly a decade they haven’t let go of “Hillary Clinton’s e-mail”).

As an ancillary to this legal move, the United States House of Representatives has referred to two committees an impeachment inquiry against Hunter Biden’s father, the President of the United States Joseph R. Biden. Without evidence, the allegation is Mr. Biden has mishandled immigration at the southern border and had accepted money from foreign agents when he was neither President nor Vice-President of the United States. The impeachment extends to Vice-President Kamala Harris, since the Republicans want House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to ascend to the Presidency, instead of her, when President Biden is convicted and removed from office. Since former President Donald J. Trump has two impeachment strikes against him, the Republicans are desperate to lodge at least one impeachment strike against President Biden before Election Day, November 5, 2024.

When former President Trump wins that election, he already has promised to his followers, “I will be your retribution.”

At least one federal judge has already started that process.

More from the Congressman: 

Congressman Jeff Duncan 

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Devon Archer, Hunter’s best friend and fellow Burisma board member, testified before the House Oversight Committee today that then Vice President Joe Biden joined Hunter on speakerphone 20+ times with Hunter’s “business partners.” Isn’t it amazing that Joe Biden claimed categorically he had no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business deals, but right before Archer testifies the White House changes their defense to Joe “the Big Guy” Biden was not in business with Hunter. Seems like the White House is playing semantics as they prepare for the truth of Biden’s crimes to be exposed to the world.

And, a response:

Win Ott

When Congressman Jeff Duncan gets all hot and bothered about Hunter (never been in government) Biden but not ex president Trump’s multitude of charges and indictments, it means that he is not serious about law and order. No, Duncan just wants to whip up the gullibles and keep them baying at his political rivals.

Smart people will not fall for Duncan’s manipulations.

Don’t be duped by Jeff Duncan.

The Congressman’s response to former President Trump’s 3rd criminal indictment:

When Joe Biden sees a political opponent excelling, he turns the power of the government against them. Donald Trump is a victim of Biden’s weaponized government. Americans see through the smoke and mirrors of the Biden administration and how they operate on one set of rules for the elites connected to “The Big Guy” and another set of rules for political rivals. It’s time we restore justice, law and order. It’s time we hold Biden accountable for his anti-American attacks on political opponents and, frankly, what is clearly an attempt to interfere in an election.

Republicans say they don't need direct evidence here.


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