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This a wonderful place to spend weekends with your many family members and friends.


The Love of Zoos and circuses are a part of the Childhood experience and happiness. The love of animals and Living Things have always Forever fascinated the Young and kid at heart. Riding horses, walking your dog, hearing a Pet Parakeet bird, and playing with a Pet hamster have brought out the Child in all of us. Families who take their children to zoos makes the children appreciate all of God’s creation.

The City of Greenville SC area where I’m from has a nice zoo itself, the Greenville Zoo. And through the years it has welcomed the Ringling Brothers and the UniverSoul Circuses. But nearby in the City of Spartanburg SC there is truly a place for zoo animal lovers beyond no exception. The People of Laurens County should make the small trip to Spartanburg County to visit this wonderful tourist attraction. 

The Hollywild Animal Park is a place nearby that you could enjoy the love of animals. The place is located in Wellford; and it is just an eleven minute drive from the Downtown Spartanburg area and the Spartanburg city center in Upcountry South Carolina. This a wonderful place to spend weekends with your many family members and friends.

The Hollywild Animal Kingdom in Wellford was temporary closed until November 18th. They are now reopened after just preparing for their Holiday Lights safari that was now set in place until after the Christmas holidays.  

At the Start of summertime on Saturday May 28th 2022, I got a chance to visit Hollywild Animal Park that is located at 2325 Hampton Road in Wellford SC in Spartanburg County. Hollywild Park is an unique zoo. After my father pasted away, It was truly wonderful to get my Mother Janice Jones Hawkins who is now a widow out of the house again since we always took our wonderful vacations with our father and family thru the years. My mother, Father, and sisters through the years have vacationed at places like Florida, the Low-country, Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand, Dollywood and the Great Smokey Mountains, and the North Carolina Zoo in Randolph County NC. So to come together again and go on a day trip from our home in Greenville, SC was a wonderful experience even after this awful covid-19 situation.

The Hollywild Animal Kingdom Zoo park was Truly a wonderful experience! You get to ride through this awesome zoological safari with your family in your car. And  seeing all the zebras, swans, Ducks, geese, horses, goats, the many wildebeest, and bears was wonderful. You could even feed all the animals feed and seed that would come up to your car window. Some people even got out their cars and saw the Horses and bears that was in their cages.

Hollywild Animal park is open every weekend on  Saturday and Sunday. The admission is $9.00 dollars for adults and $7 dollars for children. They are open every Saturday and Sunday with weather permitting. The park is open from 10am- 5pm. You go to the front entrance at 2325 Hampton road in Wellford SC. And you go to a different exit at the other side of the park. It is truly like a Royal zoo full of magic and wonder. And it is truly a wonderful experience to enjoy in Spartanburg County.

After my Father died, since she has gotten older I look forward to take another day trip to Spartanburg County with my dear mother and two sisters. The next time we visit we might even bring my other sister Shirley and her daughter Shanice Amber with us. That would truly be a Blast! I want to even visit a third time with my Big brother Tommie Jr and nephews to this wonderful place in Spartanburg County. All people of Laurens County and the City of Clinton, make sure you make the small trip and you bring all your children to this magical place  And I hope you and your families and children  in my hometown area of Greenville SC also visit the Hollywild Animal Kingdom in Wellford SC. It is a Trip like no other.


Steven Hawkins is a Freelance writer from Greenville SC.


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