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Goals-setting needs public airing


Our View: A Modest Request.






We respectfully ask that the Clinton City Council release a set of goals.

These were discussed Oct. 18 in yet another called session of the council, designed as a work session on goals setting. A representative of the SC Municipal Association wrote them on paper and taped the paper to the council chamber’s wall. On the live-stream video it was impossible to read - so, we are asking that these goals, if/when they are finalized, be provided to us in list form (with explanations if needed) so we can relay the information to the public. Covering the council lately has been a challenge - it is consistently meeting in closed session to discuss the Office of the City Manager, even though Interim Manager Rebecca Vance has signed a contract. We suspect the discussion is about hiring an assistant; but we would advise against that if, indeed, that’s the issue on the negotiating table. The City has very capable department heads; all Ms. Vance has to do is set them in motion and things will get done. 

We believe it is right and proper for the Clinton City Council to set goals - 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years would seem to be appropriate, although that is quite a bit of work. One council member’s goal may not interest another council member, so give-and-take certainly is appropriate. Finishing the Recreation Complex it would seem to us should be highest on the list - but, the City also has work to do in facilitating construction of a new library, paving city streets, and monitoring the progress of the Martha Dendy Community Center. The Recreation Complex is funded by accommodations/hospitality tax, and the three aforementioned projects are funded by county sales taxes. If things are done properly, Clinton could walk away with four major projects completed, but not requiring property tax as the payment vehicle. Absolutely, that would be a win-win for the People of Clinton.

A new Police-Fire structure also is on the City’s horizon, and that likely will require some property tax - through a creative financing arrangement with a not-for-profit corporation. Personally, we are not convinced that the current Police-Fire building is beyond saving - but that matter apparently already has been decided. In any event, if it is a Goal identified for the Clinton City Council, we would like to see it on a printed list. Thanks in advance.