Publisher: Cutting the cord, loving television again

By Brian Whitmore/Publisher
I’m a cord cutter.
Just a few years ago, my family had Dish Network and was paying nearly $60 per month for a small package, full of many channels we never watched. No house Internet at the time – final hold out.
Then our family became PRTC fiber customers. I can’t say enough about the service and the customer service. For about $80 I get reliable Internet to power all our devices. Entering the world of streaming, we subscribed to Disney + when it launched ($7 month).
Disney + has been essential for my 8-year-old daughter. And she’s binged about every old Disney show on the service.
We also got PureFlix for Christian movies ($8 month).
And that’s where we stopped. We could easily get several more streaming services, but then would be paying as much as satellite or cable, on top of the Internet bill.
We may add one more service, but not any more.
Besides, there is a lot of free streaming content. These are my favorites:
1. Pluto. Shows become channels that are always streaming your favorite show. My favorites: Western Channel, Rifleman, Cars, Beverly Hillbillies, Addams Family. I also like the home, animal and history channels. And you can find some gems: I recently binged Toy Hunter – which got me cleaning out the barn looking for treasures. I just discovered The Magnificent Seven television series from 1998 — love a good shoot ‘em up. Truck Night in America,  Top Gear USA and American Pickers are other favorites.
2. Roku. With a Roku device, we have the free Roku content. What Saturday morning would be complete without Batman & Robin (or Rifleman, see above). Binged Mr. Bean – yes I love British humor. Roku has a few good movies and lots of old television shows.
3. NewsON. To get broadcast channels where I live, I’d have to invest in a jam up digital television antenna for my house. But I can still get all my local news stations for Free on NewsON. I watch WYFF.
4. Peacock and NBC. On NBC app, I can stream Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers — yes, I’m a science fiction nerd. Knight Rider, Airwolf and A-Team are also on one or the other for free. Peacock’s free service also has some good movies.
5. Tubi Kids. Tubi has a lot of free movies and shows, but many are not proper for an 8-year-old, so we restricted content and got Tubi Kids. My daughter likes it. The service has a lot of foreign content – lips don’t match sound. She was watching an Australian dance show recently – the lips matched, just with an Aussie accent.
Of course, with anything free, you’ve got commercials, but that’s OK. I’m happy with our television streaming setup. The world has gone crazy anyway and most broadcast and cable offerings are more interested in indoctrinating my family than entertaining us.
You’re probably saying, “Where are the sports?” Well, that’s the thing; sports are tied in to cable and satellite deals. Even ESPN+ doesn’t play a lot of the big games you’d want to watch. Of course, you can pay for live streaming services to get these games, but that gets you back to paying big bucks for television.
An antenna will get you some of those games. I’m old school; so listening to games for free on the radio is not a problem.
Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. Whitmore can be reached at

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