We have created a society like none before in history; yes, with flaws, but not flaws that we cannot overcome with some unity of purpose.

EDITORIAL: We are Thankful.


So many times in this age of distancing and quarantining we fail to understand that we have much to be thankful for in our nation.

It must have been similar that first Thanksgiving - a colony on the brink of extinction wondering what tomorrow would bring. From where would their help come?

It would come, it turned out, from people who had the most to lose by the colony remaining alive. An unlikely source, to be sure.

Today, we look to medicine to help us overcome our most serious challenge. But medicine, without faith, is just test tubes and wires on a machine. We must look to something much deeper -- deeper within ourselves. We have to believe that the colony will survive, and not just survive, but thrive like never before. Why? Because we are strong.

We have created a society like none before in history; yes, with flaws, but not flaws that we cannot overcome with some unity of purpose.

We have a great city. We need the vision that takes it to much higher purposes of human fulfillment. We have people of noble purpose - what other city our size supports a campus for the developmentally disabled, an orphanage that has grown into a family support system, a college of higher education - actually, two campuses - two ministries of open doors to the most needy, churches that bind together to help during the most difficult of times?

We have a great county. With the pandemic, we cannot safely do enough to bind our common interests together; but, these common interests do come together every two weeks when the county council meets. We have the opportunity now, with everybody contributing just a little bit more, to enhance the lives of Laurens Countians.

We are thankful for the lives of people like Gene and Clovis Simmons. Their stories, at least in some small measure, are reflected in this week’s and last week’s issues of The Clinton Chronicle. Their stories are our stories - purpose-driven lives of family and faith. We have men and women who serve and have served our nation nobly; we said a very small thank you - a debt we can never repay - to them on Nov. 11. We have police men and women, firefighters and paramedics willing to put their lives on the line so we can live more securely. When it storms, we have the linemen who brave those elements. 

We have a history of helping people.

We have great schools - don’t let anyone tell you differently. We have a great hospital - one of the best in the nation at providing Maternity Care. Don’t take our word for it, look it up, if you don’t believe.

“If you don’t believe” - what a curious turn of phrase. You should believe. To not believe diminishes you as a human being. To not believe makes you fearful - and we have no reason to be fearful.

We have every reason to be thankful.

The sowers of fear reap a bitter harvest. We have encountered them in the dark days following our American Revolution, in the days of Civil War and racial oppression, in times of global war when so many sacrificed so much, in the times when the A-bomb loomed over us, in times of assassinations and bombings and shootings inside churches, in the dark times of the human heart that turn men against each other, in the bitter times of great depression, and now in pandemic.

These are dark times, but not the darkest. We just have to know Who we are and Whose we are. Knowing that must make us optimistic and, today and every day, very thankful. 

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