When we let our guard down

VIC: Tired of it  That’s when it gets you - veterans wear masks Nov 11 per CDC protocols.



More info on our WEB - MyClintonNews.com - on the coronavirus --  the file is 33 pages now.


The greatest challenge this nation faces now, after the election, is getting rid of the coronavirus. Our economy is re-opened, but every savvy businessperson knows, a business is no good if everybody’s sick.

Too sick to work.

Too sick to buy. 

Recognizing that Information is Power, The Clinton Chronicle for the past 9 months has kept a COVID-19 icon on our Website, and has added content consistently. At first, Everybody was talking about the Virus - now, not so much. The section has grown to 32 pages - each page has several articles in it - and lately there have been more postings. 

Our new articles:

-- governor urged to protect residential care-facilities’ residents and workers.

-- another round of small business grants.

-- plasma for treatment options is desperately needed.

-- Clemson Extension works through the pandemic.

-- fitness is more important than ever, to fight off viruses.

-- treatments are not inexpensive to develop and test.

We know people don’t want to go on the Internet and read article after article about the same thing; plus, this file does not carry the “juicy gossip” of many web-offerings. But, we believe, this is a resource and something of a historical guide of what the nation has been through these past 9 months.




Everything the White House is telling you about the coronavirus is designed to indicate it’s over.

Please, do not fall for that.

Example, in South Carolina, CVS and Walgreens have announced they have plans to distribute a vaccine. It’s not a coincidence - in SC, our governor owes his position to the president.

His position is “the coronavirus is done” because, given the best medical treatment in the world, he and his family have recovered. 

There is no vaccine, there is not going to be a clinically proven vaccine soon; and, then, thousands of people won’t take one even when there is one. This isn’t like Polio; we are a different kind of people now.

Yes, we need to plan for distribution. And storage. And priority - clearly, the Military needs it first; and, then, First Responders, to ensure the nation’s safety - but “announcements” without substance aren’t going to cure anybody. I know you’re tired of it - I am, too.

That doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Nearly 2,000 people are or have been infected in Laurens County alone (and that does not account for unreported cases). That, of course, is a small fraction of the 40 Million worldwide who are or have been infected - or even the 30 Million who have recovered, many with side-effects.

COVID-19 has drained resources from medical communities all over the world. And, just think, we could have nipped it 9 months ago. It is past time for a Worldwide, Global-Infection, Scientific Response to this insidious virus, championed by the most powerful nation in the world.


(Vic MacDonald is editor of The Clinton Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or sports@clintonchronicle.net)

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