This would be a great year to be a political scientist

A good friend of mine is a retired political science professor. He’s spending his retirement enjoying life in Charleston, traveling and writing a monthly column for this newspaper. Faithful readers will know I’m talking about Dr. David Gillespie.
I can’t help but think – and I haven’t asked him – at times this year he’s regretted not being in the classroom. The politics of 2016 are gold, Jerry, gold. (Seinfeld, if you don’t recognize the reference.)
Any of the following could be an entire semester of political science discussion and debate: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama’s legacy, Obamacare, Hillary Clinton’s email, Congress, Bill Clinton, South Carolina politics, Benghazi, Fox News, MSNBC, gun control, religious freedoms, radical Islamics.
And we’ve got them all at the same time. If I had the time, I’d audit some political science classes at PC in the fall semester. I think it would be fascinating.
Donald Trump is putting anti-Semite images on his Tweets. Hillary Clinton should be charged with email crimes, but won’t be.
And who ever would have thought that – after getting off his private jet and getting onto a private jet to spend some time alone with a woman – that Bill Clinton would be accused of trying to influence her instead of seducing her? Have we come to that?
President Obama is (in my opinion) having the time of his life these last six months in office. There won’t be any real work done – Congress won’t allow it – so he’s going around making speeches that show, again and again, that his political skills rival (if not surpass) the aforementioned Bill Clinton.
I saw Bill Clinton in person at PC in 2008 before the South Carolina Democratic primary when Hillary and Obama were competing for the nomination.
He spoke for an hour without the first note and it was the most amazing speech I’ve heard. That man has game and he brings it. But Obama could give him a run for his money in the arena of oratory.
Look at the President’s eulogy at the memorial service for the victims in Charleston if you have any doubts that the man can move a crowd. I would vote for a third Obama term in a heartbeat.
So what happens if Donald Trump is elected President? The Republicans in Congress don’t even like him, so what will he accomplish? What color will he make Mexico paint the wall? I propose a nice garnet with a black trim.
What happens if Hillary Clinton is elected President? The Republicans in Congress hate her, so what will she accomplish? Who will she nominate to the Supreme Court to replace whacko Scalia? Wonder if Barack Obama would like to be a Supreme?
There’s one thing I have believed for the past eight years. I think Michelle Obama is holding back. I don’t think we’ve seen her true color (and no, that’s not a racial comment). I predict she will let us see the real Michelle Obama and not The First Lady. I can’t wait because I think she’s one interesting, smart and funny lady.
Maybe she’ll run for office now that’s she’s leaving the White House, ala Hillary Clinton.
One thing is pretty certain. I won’t be the publisher of your favorite weekly newspaper at the end of the next President’s first term, so you’re going to miss my pithy and thought-provoking commentaries about President Donald or President Hillary.
But we’ll always have Facebook.

(Larry Franklin is publisher of The Chronicle. His email address is His blog can be read at

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