Vic's View: It might be a conspiracy.


I am not one for conspiracy theories.

I believe COVID-19 is real, and I believe the Twin Towers actually were destroyed by jet fuel.


That being said, I also believe this:

There are radical factions of antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, Aryan Nation, the Boogaloo Boyz, White Nationalists, and splinter cells funded by Russia, Iran and North Korea operating illegally in this country, that show up at protests and make things worse.

I do not believe any legitimate protestors for social justice go to a protest and want people to die. It is counter-productive to what they seek to accomplish. But the shooting death of an 8 year old girl at a protest, at a roadblock near burned out Wendy’s in Atlanta over the July 4th weekend, shows me that these evil elements are at work.

“Enough is Enough,” the Mayor of Atlanta said - this is what the disruptors seek to accomplish, give the authorities a reason to crack down, so there will be more violence. An endless cycle, that places the United States in a weakened position in the eyes of other nations. Already, Russia and China are making their moves.

I wish there were a National Police Force in place to hunt these people down, and put them out of business. Columbia Police arrested three  Boogaloo Boyz, then I presume they were bonded out and, I betcha, they’re gone. They rejoin the force, ready to strike again.

Killing children is not what Protest - Resistance looks like in America. Dissent IS American - it started with the Boston Tea Party. Resistance can be bloody, but anyone with a child’s blood on his-her hands has a special place waiting with the devil.

Even the toughest prisoners in the world’s toughest prisons take a dim view of convicted child molesters.

And, of course, the haters are going to hate - “Who would bring a child to a protest, any way?” Except this child wasn't at the protest, her mom mistakenly drove through a roadblock set up by the disruptors. If the protestors were using children as “a buffer,” I would condemn that practice. Otherwise, parents make that decision - some believe children need to see, in order to act. It is painful that in Atlanta, and in non-protest-related deaths in Chicago over the nation’s Independence Day weekend, seeing turned into dying. 

And, just one more thing -- young men of color DO NOT travel alone. There was another hanging report over the weekend out of New Jersey, and an attempted lynching report in Indiana, and these are beginning to look very suspicious. As young men follow this advice, please - please, people in neighborhoods do not report them as suspicious, unless they actually do something suspicious.

Again, I do not have any proof of these conspiracies. That is what a national investigation would be designed to obtain to start the prosecution process. It’s just a really awful, gut-level feeling.


(Vic MacDonald is editor of The Clinton Chronicle. In June, he began his 45th year in community journalism. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or

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