VIC - Too late for me - training new journalists


Alas, it’s 43 years too late for me.

Me, a high school graduate from Mt. Pleasant, SC, who went to college without a clue as to a work future. I remember like it was yesterday, walking from Brokaw to Carol Courts, to see if there was any room for me on The Indian staff.

The first article I typed was a disaster. I got better, I kept coming back. I spent countless hours in my advisor’s office learning journalism. I wrote my English Department senior project about journalism, and my professor sniffed. He wanted “real literature”.

You can’t make a living doing that, son, my always-right dad advised me. Four decades later, I’m still showing up.

Now, my college (tho I confess I have fallen away in recent years) is training the new crop of the nation’s journalists. I read the news release - I felt pride and nostalgia. As tho I had something to do with it (which I didn’t). 

That’s the great thing about graduating from a college - you can bask in their reflective glory.

Future journalists, take note:


Newberry College recently approved four academic concentrations for its Communications major. Beginning in the Fall 2019 semester, students majoring in Communications can choose Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relations and Advertising, or Sports Communications as focus areas for their studies.

“Concentrations allow students to focus on a particular area of interest within their major,” said Prof. Patrick Gagliano, chair of the Department of Arts and Communications. “These new concentrations help students customize their coursework and offer more in-depth exploration of their specific interest areas.”

 Journalism, Broadcasting and Public Relations and Advertising are long-standing staples of the Communications curriculum at Newberry College. “What’s changed is that we have formalized concentrations to give students a roadmap of courses that are best suited to their academic and career interests,” said Dr. Jodie Peeler, Communications program coordinator and professor of Communications.

Sports Communications is a newly launched concentration in the Communications major that responds to the current and projected growth of sports-related occupations as well as the career interests of current Newberry students.

The Sports Communications concentration incorporates several Sport Management courses in tandem with the existing Communications curriculum to help students build a firm understanding of the unique needs of sports organizations in the world of mass communications, how to cover sports of all kinds and how to effectively market and manage player and team brands to the public.

“The addition of the Sports Communications concentration not only helps us expand the scope of our major, it also strengthens the bond between academic disciplines and provides a relevant new path of study for our students,” Gagliano said.


That’s a direct stealing by me of their news release. I’m pretty sure they won’t mind - I am giving full credit to the Newberry College News Service (hey, another job for journalists). But, just a journalism lesson here - don’t steal other people’s work. Write your own. Publish it in myriad sources of expression available today. Join the profession that makes democracy possible, and keeps politicians honest. It’s dangerous, thrilling work - for a lifetime.


Vic MacDonald (Newberry '75) is editor of The Clinton Chronicle. The views expressed here are his and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or


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