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Masks Message taking hold???



The wear-masks to help businesses return to normal message seems to be taking hold.

After social media postings, locally, about wearing masks, the new cases in Laurens County on July 27 were 13 -- just 4 new cases were recorded in Clinton. It might not be taking hold statewide but there could be something - the tests-positive percentage for testing on July 26 (a Sunday) was 17% -- it has been consistently in the 20% range in the days before that date.

District 56 Superintendent Dr. David O’Shields said on July 27 he was super-encouraged by the local figures coming out of DHEC. Laurens County previously has had daily-high case numbers in the 40s. It doesn’t take long for those numbers to add up into the 100s, and then top 1,000 (the last week of July, Charleston County recorded more than 10,000 infections, just since mid-March).

Board Member Tammy Stewart added, “We are wearing masks to return to school. We are wearing masks to play football.”

MASKS are not the end-all, be-all of virus protection, of course; several other steps, in concert, need to be taken to get this insidious virus under control. We have to stay our distance from each other - to that end, in my estimation, the SC Department of Commerce MUST rescind all exemptions it has granted to mass-gatherings, spectator sports, and close-contact businesses applied by The Governor, and advise people to delay their festivals. The chance of these becoming “super-spreader” events is just too great (restaurants, festivals and others were the subject of a governor's executive order on July 29). 

Large retailers have taken steps, but they will not enforce their policies - look, we get it, nobody wants to be “the mask police”.

YouTube is filled with “store employees assaulted” videos - the latest was a mask-wearing couple in a store BEING assaulted (verbally). They chose to wear swastika masks inside a store (to make a “Mask-Nazis” point, I guess). Anyway, that’s why the Governor has not mandated a wear-masks policy - nobody is willing to enforce it, not even to slow down this global pandemic, and make schools safer.

Something called viral dose might be at work here. I ran across it in a NY Times/Yahoo! News posted article: “Masks may reduce viral dose, experts say.” Basically its point is masks help prevent a dose of virus that might become viral inside your body from getting into your body. It’s too dangerous to try out the theory on humans dosing with the coronavirus. So it’s just a theory, but, a good one.

So folks, c’mon, wear your masks -- even if it’s “every now and then.” If someone spits on you, you have a pretty good chance of not inhaling it. And, even if you have “recovered” from the coronavirus, if you spit on somebody else, at least them wearing their mask will kind of let you off the hook.


(FYI - Just 8 new cases were recorded in Laurens County on Aug. 4 and on Aug. 11, and 10 new cases on Aug. 10. Vic MacDonald is editor of The Clinton Chronicle - he has never, on purpose, spit on another person. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or

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