Vic Column: Wrestling With My Observations


Mid-February it will be eight years for me here at The Clinton Chronicle.

And in all that time, and in the 20 years before that I spent in Newberry, and the eight years before that I spent in Florence, and in two turns at The Index in Greenwood, I never, not even once, took a picture at a wrestling match.

As I recall it, I did take a picture once at a Camden or maybe a Lugoff-Elgin boys’ wrestling match but those days are really fogged in memory (and in this wicked cold that I’m fighting right now). All that time - all those pictures, never wrestling.

Until, Dec. 7. And, brother, did I take some pictures at a wrestling match that day. I’m not going to get into the historical-ness of it all - it was just a cool event even though I wasn’t 100 percent. I’m not a good techno-photographer. My camera will do it, but I have to make it do it - shooting with a slave flash. That’s how you get really good pictures in the Templeton Center - they have professionals that do that. I’m just a pointer and shooter, and I don’t like to flash (it’s distracting).

And what made it worse - it was really easy to get distracted. It was December 7th - Pearl Harbor Day. It was the Templeton Floor, like we have never seen it before. It was on television; one camera guy warned me when I was in a standing for the anthem not sitting-photos position that he was going to swing his camera my way. Like - if you’ve got outstanding warrants you might not want to be in my shot (I backed up). Male wrestlers were cheering like crazy. The second match got to the point where the PC wrestler pinned the Life wrestler - PC took a 20-18 lead - and I thought the roof was gonna blow off the place. These are Clinton People? - Clinton People know about wrestling? 

Heck no. All they knew is, “We Won”!! Life came back, took the final two, and won the match. They deserved it, they appear to be a very credible program - judging from the roster printed in the game-day booklet.

So, now, This Is College Wrestling at Presbyterian. What are we going to do with it? We don’t have enough people to cover it - the PC Men have a really important home match coming up against The Citadel, this could become a great rivalry.

They might even build a wrestling arena.

Not this year, but possibly next, PC men’s wrestling could schedule Newberry College. The implications there, for a renewed rivalry ... I won’t go there. 

All I know is this, Life Has Great Experiences. Sometimes, you miss them - for whatever reason. Sometimes, you just clinch up your breeches and go get them. PC Wrestling, what a great start, can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. 


(Vic MacDonald is editor of The Clinton Chronicle. The views expressed here are his and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or


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