Stand Up, he ordered - so I did


The governor told me to stand up for The National Anthem, so I did.

On Feb. 4, they played The Super Bowl. I proudly say, I watched it all. I was rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Just before Super Bowl Sunday, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster issued a resolution (edict?) that everyone in South Carolina watching the game at home, or in a bar, or in a hospital, or where ever, should stand up when The National Anthem was sung. Somebody put ads on TV about it.

As most of us know, 6 NFL players are kneeling for The Anthem. So it is important, in the interest of fairness, to call attention to the 6 million people who stand for The Anthem. Make examples of the 6 million, not the 6.

The 6 say that they are protesting police brutality, but that can’t be true. Of all the cases that police respond to in a year, a very tiny percentage involve police brutality. If police kill a few people along the way, the number of people they save is much greater, so what’s to protest? It is interesting to note that the player who started all this kneeling nonsense, Colin Kaepernick, who was released by the San Francisco 49ers and has not yet found a job anywhere else in football, is well on his way to giving $1 million of his own money to charities all over the country. Just like he said he was going to do - then he got fired.

Surely he could have just said, “Oh, that was before I got fired, now I need the money for my mortgages.”

I would image that Kaepernick would defy McMaster’s requirement for standing during The National Anthem. 

By kneeling, he has drawn more public discussion to the pitiful plight of minorities in this country than McMaster ever has. If government has a role in assisting “the least of these,” it is failing miserably. And the federal tax cut certainly won’t help - less money for food stamps, aid to children, prosecutors for child abuse and kiddie porn, no money to fix bridges that school buses ride on. But, we stand for our Anthem, by golly.

I would never have the spine to defy the governor like Kaepernick probably would (if he played football in South Carolina, or anywhere). Colin knows that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “took a knee” in defiance of Jim Crow authority in Selma, Alabama. Colin knows that Jesus Christ took a knee in the garden, before his trial and conviction. Colin knows the power of “taking a knee” - I don’t. I have never had in my life everything that he stood to lose by making that gesture.

Sometimes, people come along who make us think. It was Langston Hughes’ birthday on Feb. 1, he makes you think. The Apostle Paul makes you think, Ghandi and Pat Conroy make you think. Bob Dylan and Sam Cooke when they write and sing civil rights anthems make you think. I admire people who make you think.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday - The Anthem is playing and I am standing here.



(Vic MacDonald is Editor of The Clinton Chronicle. His columns appear regularly in Blog at Reach him at 833-1900 or


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