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As 2018 dawns, a few things to reflect on:


•Donald Trump has made America great again. First he…no wait, that was Barack Obama…then Trump…nope, wasn’t him…well at least Trump got us all that big tax cut (let’s check back on that in two years, shall we?)…and who cares if the national debt increases by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years? It’s not a real debt, is it?

Just for fun, if you stack up 1.5 trillion $1 bills, the stack will be 101,799 miles high. Don’t bother doing this. I did it for you. It took a long time.

•Sarah Huckabee Sanders (you have to use her middle name) has got to be the worse press secretary ever. Ever. As the child of a former Southern Baptist minister (as is she), it pains me to say that. We had a secret meeting and kicked her out of the club.

•Whatever PC is doing with football doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve tried to understand it. I’ve read the stories in this newspaper. I just can’t figure it out. I think it’s a mistake. But if enrollment jumps to 1,600 as a result, I’ll be man enough to admit I was wrong (although I’ll probably be dead for 100 years before that happens).

•Another year has passed, the City of Clinton has collected another year of hospitality and accommodations taxes and nothing has been done in the way of recreation for our citizens. 

But, have no fear. The city is about ready to announce a big plan. I’m betting that PC’s enrollment will top 1,600 before the city actually does anything about the lack of recreation facilities in town. But that’s just my opinion based on years of experience and hearing, “Just be patient. We’re waiting to hear back from xxxx. Then, we’ll have a big announcement.”

I think the city should host a huge cookout. Invite the entire town and anyone else who wants to come. Pay for it with hospitality money (that’s why we have to invite outsiders). Provide souvenir cups with the likeness of all the outstanding recreation facilities in Laurens (where the city fathers and mothers do more than talk about supporting recreation) printed on them. 

•During 2018, will our country make any steps toward (or back to) the days of both parties working together? I bet not. Not as long as the Republicans control the state legislatures and can gerrymander district lines to virtually ensure GOP control continues.

Not as long as the “Christians” support a vile, obscene megalomaniac. Not as long as the people we (as in y’all) elect pretend to care about “the little people,” when really they care only about Big Oil, Big Drugs and Big Guns. Not as long as the right demonizes the left and the left demonizes the right. Not as long as Facebook exists. Some of the things y’all post as “facts” are laughable and stupid and scary.

Happy New Year.


(Larry Franklin is the retired publisher of The Clinton Chronicle.)

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