Publisher: Trying to teach life lessons

By Brian Whitmore/Publisher

Being a parent is not easy.

Being a parent without the help of support structures like school and church is harder.

I’ve tried to keep things normal during COVID-19.

My daughter has a new kitten, Diego, which has helped.

And we purchased an inflatable pool. It measures 10x30 and holds 1,700 gallons of water.

It’s more of a swimming hole than a pool, but it’s all a 7-year-old needs.

We’ll my daughter decided to take Diego for a swim and his claws punctured the inflatable ring atop the pool.

Now Daddy and Mama had told her not to take the cat around the pool. And she did this when a friend of the family was watching her, while Daddy and Mama worked.

Thankfully the pool maintained its integrity and did not collapse.

After a good talking to, we tried to fix the pool with flex tape. It doesn’t work as good as it does on TV.

We ended up using foam floating noodles to support the top of the pool.

It cost about $40 to repair the pool and that came out of my daughter’s savings.

She didn’t listen to her mother later that night and that led to a whipping. She doesn’t get many, but she does get them.

More parents should give them when needed. We’d have less adult cry babies.

Fast forward. Our friend is out of town and my daughter has to come to work with me.

My daughter thrives in a learning environment, but we’re going on four months of disruption due to COVID-19 and discipline problems will arise.

She has an office at work and stays quite. I’m proud of that. She doesn’t bother anyone.

But DVDs, Disney + and petting cats can only take up so much of the day.

The Chronicle is an old building. We have wood paneling - popular in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s for some reason. Her “office” also has corkboard. At some point, somebody must have needed a lot of reminder notes, because the corkboard covers all four walls.

Well, my daughter got bored. She decided to chip away at the corkboard - six panels of it.

Here we go again.

I got the replacement corkboard panels from L&L and glue from True Value.

It cost my daughter another $40 from savings. And she had to help with the clean up.

Running tally - $80. My child loves saving her money and spending Daddy’s money. So, this will be a lesson learned.

Lesson: When you mess up, you’ve got to clean up. When you make bad decisions, there will always be consequences.

No whipping this time. As I said, we use those sparingly.

My daughter’s pretty smart. She is strongwilled and that means she has to learn some things the hard way.

We’ll continue to teach her and pray for God’s wisdom. She’ll continue to teach us.


Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. Whitmore can be reached at

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