Publisher: They hate me, they hate me not

By Brian Whitmore
Making people mad (to the point of hate) is much easier these days. It doesn’t take much; just don’t agree with everything they say.
TRUMP 2020
I voted for Donald Trump. The left hates me.
Truth be told, I voted party line and although I like Trump’s policies (Republican, conservative policies), I think he’s a narcissistic jerk. The right hates me. I’m now considered a RINO (Republican In Name Only).
I’m better off than I was four years ago. The left hates me.
Mike Pence would have been a better president. He has shown great leadership in the past few weeks — taking the COVID-19 vaccine and campaigning for Georgia senate seats. Both sides hate me.
Joe Biden is president of the United States of America on Jan. 20 and should be recognized as such. The right hates me.
Trump looking for fraud in the election is more of a public relations campaign than actual litigation. There is no proof of massive voter fraud, if there was, Trump would have had more and significant court victories. The right hates me.
There was cheating in the election. The left hates me. 
Just not on a scale large enough to change the results. The right hates me. (Show me proof that can win court cases and I’ll stand with you.)
The left started undermining elections when they said Russia and not Hillary Clinton cost them the presidency in 2016. The left hates me.
President-elect Biden will likely lead us into another Great Depression. He will push liberal policies that will undermine the values and beliefs our country is built upon. The left hates me.
I will pray for President-elect Biden and his decisions. The right hates me.
I watch Fox News. Both sides hate me.
I watch CNN. The right hates me.
COVID-19 is real. It can be deadly. The right hates me.
Wearing a mask is the neighborly thing to do. The right hates me.
Social distance when you can. The right hates me.
COVID-19 numbers don’t add up. They are skewed. No flu cases in December, really? The left hates me.
COVID-19 restrictions should not infringe upon our liberties. Don’t destroy a person’s livelihood by forcing businesses to close, while leaving megastores open. Don’t prevent Christians from worshiping, while allowing protesters to gather in streets. The left hates me.
Wear a mask if you want or not, government shouldn’t mandate it. The left hates me.
Take the vaccine if you want or not, government shouldn’t mandate it. The left hates me.
The CDC: don’t wear a mask, wear a mask; quarantine 14 days, now 10 days. Next week, who knows — wear a mask and hop on one foot for 15 days? The left hates me. But I got a chuckle from a few on both sides.
My child needs in-person learning, not virtual. The left hates me.
Trump’s legacy will be his court nominees. The Supreme Court already has taken a stand for religious freedom against COVID-19 lockdowns. The left hates me.
The Supreme Court said one state couldn’t meddle in another state’s election. I’m OK with that. The right hates me.
The Supreme Court will preside over social issues and I’m glad they are right leaning. The left hates me.
Trump is about law and order. He’ll execute 13 people on federal death row. There are consequences for our actions. The left hates me.
Trump is pardoning his cronies and many are crooks. The right hates me.
In 2021, I plan to write less political columns. I don’t want to be remembered for that. Everyone is happy.
In 2021, I plan to write more about the one who can help us — Jesus. Many are unhappy.
In 2021, I plan to write more about family. Most everybody is indifferent. 
I think for myself and don’t drink either side’s Kool-Aid. Everybody is unhappy, but I’m quite happy.
Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. Whitmore can be reached at

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