Publisher: Presidential debate — embrace the madness

“Are you not entertained.”
That’s one of my favorite quotes from the movie “Gladiator.”
The first presidential debate could have taken place at the Roman Colosseum.
Chris Wallace the moderator was like a Roman Emperor giving a thumbs up or thumbs down, but ultimately having no power to stop the carnage.
President Donald J. Trump and challenger Joe Biden were the gladiators.
And we the people couldn’t look away.
And yes, I was entertained.
Some say the debate was the worst thing to happen to democracy in the history of the world.
That may be a stretch, considering not too long ago a president had sex in the oval office. When half the populous believes that is acceptable behavior, anywhere we go from there is not really a shock.
President Trump interrupted and confronted Wallace and Biden with the ferocity of a Wolverine.
He talked over them both.
Rude? Yes.
Civil? No.
But how many times have you wished you could do the same thing to your detractors? How many times have you wanted to just go off on the opposition?
President Trump is not a gentlemen. He’s a cage fighter in a debate.
Many pundits say Biden won the debate, mostly due to President Trump’s behavior, and not because of his articulation or plan for the country.
Polls show that Biden doubled his national lead.
Now President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump and other cabinet members have COVID-19.
Some on the left have wished openly for the President’s death. And that, not the debate, is what is truely barbarian.
Once President Trump recovers, we have two more debates scheduled.
Now there is talk of giving the moderator a kill switch to cut President Trump’s microphone.
I’m not sure he needs the microphone. I think he can get loud enough for Biden’s mic to pickup his audio.
Regardless, we the people will see something we’ve never seen before. And we can’t look away.
The big question: Is this the new normal for politics? I’d have to say, “yes.” With or without President Trump, once we go down the rabbit hole of madness, like Alice in Wonderland, it’s hard to find our way out.
On the bright side, our politics are no longer fake, they are transparent. No hiding flaws anymore.
For years they lied to us and tried to hide it. Now politicians flaunt their lies.
So we the people are left to pick the lesser of two evils. What are we to do?
Maybe Alice had it right, when the world is crazy, just go with it.
“You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head ... But I’ll tell you a secret ... All of the best people are.”
(Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. Whitmore can be reached at

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