Publisher: Jesus is bigger than our politics

By Brian Whitmore/Publisher
He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars. – Daniel 2:21
I hate it when politicians use the Bible to divide.
I hate it when Christian leaders use politics to divide.
Jesus Christ sacrificed himself on the cross and defeated death by rising from the grave, so we ALL can become ONE in Him.
As a Southern Baptist, I believe in religious freedom and that no government can tell me how to worship. I believe that everyone has freedom to worship as they choose. We all worship something or someone, if we are honest, even those that don’t believe in God.
Jesus Christ knocks on the door of our hearts. He doesn’t kick the door down and take us by force.
As a Christian, I want everyone to know the joy of Christ, but I will not and cannot force him or her to accept my Saviour. That’s a decision they have to make on their own.
When you start blending politics and religion, you’ve got a mess. That’s because no person is without sin. Republicans are sinners. Democrats are sinners. President Donald Trump is a sinner and his challenger for the presidency Joe Biden is a sinner.
One person isn’t any bigger sinner than the other. God doesn’t look at sin that way.
Last week, the granddaughter of Billy Graham, Jerushah Duford, wrote an opinion piece in USA Today. She said Christians should not support President Donald Trump — saying he has a hatred for women.
Another Graham granddaughter, Cissie Graham Lynch, spoke at the Republican National Convention and said President Trump is a defender of religious freedom and Christians should vote for him. Cissie’s father and Jerushah’s uncle, Franklin Graham, supports Trump and Republicans who stand against legalized abortion.
Also at the RNC, former Gamecock coach Lou Holtz said Biden is a “Catholic in name only.”
That’s a lot of politics mixed with Christianity for one week.
But most weeks on Facebook, you see people condemning all Democrats to hell and people calling all Republicans hypocrites for supporting Trump.
So who is right?
One of my favorite films is “Gods and Generals.” The Civil War film shows that both the Union and Confederacy read their Bible and prayed to God.
God used the conflict to bring about good — the abolition of slavery and freedom of men.
But God did not choose sides. Yankees, Rebels and all men are judged by God’s Word — The Bible — and found guilty and in need of a Saviour.
Politics is no different.
God thinks on a level above us. He can use Republicans and Democrats to bring about His will. He can take a mess and make it a miracle.
Jesus took the most horrible way to die — the cross — and made it a beautiful symbol of our Salvation.
I’ve heard people condemn people to hell for how they vote. I will not do that. I will not judge others for thinking different from me. Only God can judge.
If you believe strongly in your politics, by all means share your thoughts. It’s OK for Christians and non-Christians to share their political thoughts and endorse candidates in a democracy. 
And Christians can and should compare what a political party has to say with what God’s Word — The Bible — has to say.
Christians should uphold God’s Word and we can do that in a peaceful way when we vote.
But Christians should not judge and condemn another for thinking different. Again, only God can judge the heart of man.
Fact of the matter is that we will never find a sinless man or woman to vote for and only one sinless man exists — Jesus Christ. Because He is sinless, He was able to take the punishment for our sins and give us a cross for a bridge to eternal life with our God.
I can tell you who to vote for or point you to someone who has the power to change the world and change you. I choose the later — Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He can calm the storm in your life. Open your hearts door to Him.
“For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16
(Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. Whitmore can be reached at

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