Press On: The Holy Bible is truth in message and detail

By Brian Whitmore/Publisher
Is the Bible inerrant, infallible or both?
A pastor told me not long ago that he’d rather use the term infallible than inerrant when referring to the Bible. I didn’t think much about it at the time; after all, don’t those words mean the same thing? Well, yes and no.
Inerrant means there are no errors in the Bible.
Infallible means there can be no errors in the Bible.
Same, right?
No, because then man makes simple complicated. Some people use infallible because they believe that the Bible can contain errors when it comes to historical and scientific details. So, the overall truth contains no error, but the details do.
You either believe the Bible is Holy or just a book?
I believe the Bible is the Holy Bible, written by men inspired by God. So, God is the author. He inspired 40 men over a span of 1,600 years from Moses (Genesis) to John (Revelation).
I believe every word is true – inerrant.
Some today want to treat the Bible like a smorgasbord, picking and choosing what they want to believe. Genesis is a fairy tale, Noah’s Ark could not happen and the sins of old are really not sins anymore.
I believe the Genesis account. I believe creation was seven literal days. I believe Satan spoke through a snake and eating from the forbidden tree led to creations downfall. I believe Noah took two of each kind onto the Ark. I believe God parted the Red Sea. I believe Jonah spent three nights in the belly of a large fish. I believe Satan is a fallen angel and our enemy. I believe angels and demons are unseen, but present.
I believe that sin leads to death and hell. I believe that Jesus’ broken body and blood, His death on the cross gives us an opportunity to return to fellowship with God, if we accept Him as our Risen Lord and Savior.
Because of what I believe, I’m labeled a “Jesus Freak.” That’s OK. I’m happy to be a Christian, a follower of Christ. And I confess my allegiance to my Lord.
I’m a college graduate, with a degree from a state, public school – University of South Carolina. I’ve taken the science courses and set through classes where professors tried to indoctrinate me to their “perceived” worldview.
I still believe — every word in the Bible is Holy and true.
But Brian, science can’t explain those “stories?” No, and science will never be able to explain God. Science is here to help us learn how awesome our creator is.
But Brian, what about dinosaurs? Read Job.
But Brian, two animals each will not fit on a boat? Two of every “kind” will. The Bible never said anything about the animals being adults. The Ark was much more than a boat (take a trip to Kentucky).
But Brian, what about the fossil record? Paleontology and fossilology are highly prone to error. No missing link has been found to support evolution, a theory that many accept as fact because they don’t have the answers to creation.
But Brian, what about Big Bang? Again, this is a scientific theory, not a proven fact. It takes a leap of faith to believe evolution or Big Bang theories.
But Brian, millions of years versus young earth creation, which is supported by scripture? God created the earth aged. Adam and Eve were not babies.
I believe God’s Word. I believe The Bible is God’s Word. I believe the Holy Bible is inerrant, containing no error and is true in detail and message – there is salvation in Christ alone.
I don’t check my brain at the door as I enter church. In fact, my belief in detail and message allows me to worship my God in spirit and in truth.
And unlike science, I can prove my belief. Just look at my life before and after an encounter with Jesus and you will see change. That’s proof positive.
Brian Whitmore is a sinner, saved only by God’s Grace. He wants others to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Press On is a Christian blog -

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