Vic's Column: A Dad’s Pride


I’m so proud of my daughter I can hardly stand it.

Our third born, Mary Elizabeth MacDonald, stopped the other day to treat the wounds of a person injured in a car wreck. It was on Hwy 76 near Metal Masters, and she was the first first-responder on the scene. I am getting this word second-hand, as I wasn’t there, but it comes from a very reliable source.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Our first-born, Dr. Victoria MacDonald, stopped at a wreck scene on I-26 and administered aid, also. Difference was, Tori was not the first first-responder on the scene; she was working with others, many with medical training, who stopped at this wreck scene.

Mem (as we know her, by her initials) was first at this most recent wreck scene. She had left her house in Newberry at 6 p.m. for her job, her shift to begin at 7. Per her department’s unwritten policy, one shift arrives 10 minutes early so the working shift can pack up, and the job is still covered. 

People had come out of their houses to help the person who was stuck in the windshield. Ignoring what might have been the medical advice - “Don’t move a wreck victim, that may cause more damage” - they were getting the person out of the windshield. Mem declared herself as a paramedic, and administered aid to the person’s wounds.

Very severe wounds, from what I was told.

Help already was on the way. Doing what everyone should do immediately on coming upon or seeing an accident, the neighbors called E911. Mem worked with the accident victim until the paramedics arrived. They administered aid, got the person in the ambulance, and took off to Greenwood, from what I understand. Irony is, there is a wooden cross at this same scene, where two roads converge; someone else apparently wasn’t as lucky.

Mem let the adrenaline calm a little, phoned her work, Laurens County 911, and told them she was on the way, and drove in. She was a minute late - but, unfortunately, she was not able to comply with the office’s unwritten policy.

I say all this not to single out anyone, most particularly my daughter, who’s going to be horrified to see this column in print. They were used to it growing up; Tori, Mem and Patrick grew up in the “white-hot spotlight” on their dad being the Editor of The Newberry Observer. Many of their exploits wound up in print and, yet, they have somehow managed to become wonderful young adults (their mom gets the credit).

I say all this to emphasize that we NEVER, well, hardly ever, thank the people who do the jobs most of us would rather not do. I know I could never bind someone’s wounds - although, to my credit, I did defy my family’s expectations and watched all three of my children being born. From a standing position, I might add. I actually was somewhat helpful in the delivery room (though we won’t discuss that buying film for the camera adventure as Mem was insisting on being born). 

I did try to get over my shots and blood phobia one time as a teen-ager. I watched a nurse draw my blood, survived it, walked out to the waiting room where mom was paying the bill, and passed right out. Still have the lump on the back of my head where I hit the wall to prove it (the wall got patched).

Anyway, in the long rambling fashion, here’s the take home message. Thank You, everyone, who has the inner strength, or fights off the inner anxiety, to come to the rescue of people in need. My family is so very proud of the fact that we have one of these individuals.


(Vic MacDonald is editor of The Clinton Chronicle. The views expressed here are his and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or

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