VIC COLUMN: Some Observations


I never thought that this late in life I would be, again, Band Dad. In the spirit of total honesty (always the best policy) it’s really more like Band “Uncle” since our “adopted” niece, Reese, plays keyboard in the Ware Shoals band.

We just finished two grueling trips to and from Batesburg and Loris on subsequent weekends to watch them perform. Spent a little time at Shealy’s and on Surfside Beach in the process; hey, it is a tough job and somebody does have to do it.

On a tangent, speaking of bands, congrats to lots of band members and directors around here. Upstate high school bands won all 5 State Finals.

We even saw a Lower State band that probably could have won a championship that didn’t even get to go. Hurricanes wrecked their fund-raising.


Why do schools have to be closed on election day? Back in my time, people voted in schools while the kids were in class. Now, yes, that was the day of bending over the sign-in table - back when the voter registration card actually meant something - and bubbling in a paper ballot. Things have “progressed” to the point that voting spreads out. They needed the whole library at Joanna Woodson for voting machines and such.

I miss the old days. Kids walking to lunch watched you vote. Then their teachers could do a lesson on “what are all those people doing in our school today?”

Civics. Gone the way of cursive, I’m afraid.


Is this really going to be our “Fate”? Getting beaten by Union County, literally, all the time.

Union County beat us in football, volleyball, and girls tennis. We finished ahead of them in cross-country, but only because we have the strongest boys’ team in the region, not to mention the county. Basketball, baseball, softball, boys tennis, track and field, and soccer await “our fate”. 

Certainly this is not what the SC High School League envisioned when they let 4A Union County have a waiver to play down in 3A. Surely, not what they meant to have happen. Right? (And don’t call me Shirley).


Please see “Winnie the Pooh” on its last of two weekend runs. It is the last live theatre here for a while. Laurens County Community Theatre’s season is being suspended.

Renovations at Thornwell Charter School mean all the props and costumes and “stuff” that thespians naturally accumulate has to be stored somewhere else. Laurens County has no other theater it can be moved to for staging shows - and have the season somewhat salvaged. For LCCT, monetarily, 6 - 8 months from now, it’s going to be like starting all over from nothing.


This is My Pet Peeve - We do not get public notice ads from the South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority.

Even when there’s a project that interests Clinton.

This is totally selfish on my part. I would have known prior to Oct. 31 that the company buying Bailey Manor is seeking a $9M loan of state money. They had to go to the Laurens County Council last night for a totally pointless “approval” to seek the loan. 

A public notice was published in The Laurens County Advertiser’s next-to-the-next-last page on Halloween. I didn’t make it that far through the paper. Guess I should take up my grandmother’s habit - read the paper from back to front. So, in any event, I was behind the story. And people in Laurens don’t even care about Bailey Manor - they are ours, alone, except when they’re full of Christmas trees. Then they’re everybody’s.

We didn’t even get that ad, so that Brian could have looked over at me and said, “well, look that this.” I hate that. 

On the upside, we do have the Delinquent Tax Notices - and The Advertiser didn’t lose them, so kudos to our sister paper - and, boy, do they make some interesting reading. So much so, we put them in our Skybox.

Someday I’ll explain what that is.


(Vic MacDonald is a curmudgeon and the editor of The Clinton Chronicle. Contact him - or don’t - at 833-1900.)


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