VIC COLUMN: A nod to traditional media


Our friend Graham Duncan has made an, as usual, great analysis of small business and social media (The Chronicle, Nov. 6). I am adding a plug for traditional media.

The Laurens County Chamber of Commerce has sponsored a free seminar for businesses on developing Facebook. As yet they have not made the same offer for traditional media of which there are 5 outlets in Laurens County, all competing for advertising dollars. Some pay chamber dues.

Posting an ad on Facebook is not “media” - media is a campaign, something a business owner has to pay attention to every day. You have to use traditional media, new media and word of mouth to grow your business - you have to be open to events, ie Cops & Coffee at The Vestibule recently. You have to “show the flag” at Business After Hours. If you don’t - don’t even bother wondering “Why am I not making money?” Businesses fail all the time, and they never bought a single ad.

There is only one medium in Laurens County that offered a congratulations and good luck page to the Clinton Red Devil varsity football team for making the state playoffs (they missed last year). Some of you were advertising partners of ours - some of you weren’t.

You make those decisions - all we’re making is the offer.

A word about boosting on Facebook. I, personally, have had a bad experience with boosting recently - so I offer a word of caution. 

Boosting helped us reach more than 1,300 followers on The Chronicle Facebook page in a very brief period of time. It is exciting to see something you wrote reach 20,000 people; but just be cautious and constantly aware if you intend to use it - all I’m saying.

As Small Business Saturday approaches on Nov. 30, think about what it takes to sustain a business here in Clinton since 1900. Think about the Depression, mill town boom and bust, world wars, segregation and integration, schools closing and being built, taxes paid and taxes wasted, two hospitals - then one hospital, governors and presidents, the times we cheered and the times we wept, children singing and the lights of Christmas in the uptown square. Think about us, The Clinton Chronicle, we’ve been through it all. When you send your media money out of town, you are not helping us pay the light bill. And if the lights go out here, there won’t be anymore Good Luck, Red Devils signature pages. Or any watchdog on local government.

Some would think that’s a good thing. 

Others are smarter than that.


(Vic MacDonald is editor of The Clinton Chronicle. Through Google, he found out that The Web was announced on Aug. 6, 1991. The views expressed here are his and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or



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