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Something to Talk About — Why They Come.




The Constitution of the United States requires that a census of the people be taken every ten years. The first census, taken in 1790 by marshals of the US judicial districts, recorded a population of 3,929,214 with the state of Virginia having the largest group at 747,610 and the state of Delaware having the smallest at 59,094. 

July 4, 2025 the United States of America will celebrate its 250th year as a nation. In that span of time our country has grown geographically (50 states and 5 territories) and in population (331,449,281 in 2020). Also, during that time our nation (form of government) and the land’s bountiful resources has been a calling for people from all nations and ethnicities to come here and make this country their home. Why is that? Why did they come?   

The standard answer in our classroom history text books, for coming to the “New World” has always been listed as the following; religious freedom, start a new and better life, or seek adventure and fortune. However, there is another reason that attracted millions of immigrants to our shores. Land. Acquiring land was the major calling. In Europe, only the nobility owned land. Common folks only lived on and worked the land. Private ownership of land was a concept not yet conceived. Even native Americans did not acknowledge individual ownership. They lived on the land or simply passed through the land. It was not until after the year 1492 that the idea of private ownership began to become a reality. 

Land for occupying and claiming ownership is not available in 2022. To acquire ownership, one has to make a purchase. So, what is the reason hundreds of thousands of immigrants cross our borders to make America their home? Personal experience has provided me with two answers to that question. 

Several years ago, I worked with a man from Veracruz, Mexico. Ernesto and I worked second shift hours at a manufacturing plant. One night during our dinner break his wife and children came to share their evening meal. After eating quickly, Ernesto played soccer with his children in the building’s front yard. He hugged and kissed them as they left. I remember thinking he was being the best father he could be. Working hard to provide a better life for his family. 

A second experience was shared from a medical nurse missionary. She had traveled to Honduras to help build a small church for a community. During the week’s work she met several of the local men and women. One day she was approached by a local woman, whom she had friended previously. The woman had her 4-year-old daughter with her dressed in the best clothes available. The woman waved for the mission lady to come over. In broken English and tears in her eyes, she pushed the child forward and asked the lady to please take her daughter back home with her. That mother was willing to give up her child in the hopes she would have a better life in America. 

Folks, somehow the message has traveled around this world that America is good. A message that America offers hope, America offers peace, America offers freedom from want. A hard-working father is making a better life for his family. Sadly, the mother’s desperate dream for her young daughter was not to be. 

I understand why some people walk hundreds of miles to cross our southern border. What I don’t understand is why the democratic party leadership wants to destroy the very reason they come. They come for that idea of hope, peace and freedom from want that impoverished people so desperately seek. That idea of America, the land of opportunity. That idea that made this country so desirable over the centuries is being destroyed daily by the propagating of socialism. 

Socialism does not work. It is not a form of government. It is an economic system that is controlled by the government. It destroys established economies. It destroys individual initiative.  It destroys individual freedoms and business ownerships. Simply look at other countries that have fallen victim to socialism’s lies and propaganda, Honduras, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, Korea, and Cuba. Their economy and standard of living is in shambles. Nobody wants to immigrate to those countries. The thought that “we” can do it right where as these other countries simply did not know how, is a bold face lie. The current democratic party leadership is destroying the very thing that made this country great. It is their plan to do so. They are not ignorant. They are not incompetent. They are deliberate.    


Walter Allen has a BA degree from Auburn University and is retired from the paper industry. He is a published author and lives in Laurens County.



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